7ft spineless versatile that can be handled with one hand.


The Cougar Elite 7 is the epitome of technological innovation: the introduction of the high-strength, high-modulus carbon “Torayca® T1100G,” the maturing of the Super Quattro (4-axis) cross manufacturing method, and the completion of the SXF Super Cross Fire manufacturing method (special carbon super multi-layer structure). .

Although it has a very special balance of a 7-foot high taper and a separate short grip, it has a flexible cast feel, the agility to use it with one hand, the ability to suck it in and put it on, and the ability to actively hang it.

While he specializes in all types of winding baits such as spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, shallow to middle crankbaits, vibrations, and swimbaits, he also specializes in worms such as Texas rigs, heavy rigs, free rigs, long worms with no sinkers and Neko rigs, and even 3.5-5g small rubber. It is a rod worthy of being called an “elite” as it has the depth to handle the enhanced version of bait finesse, wild finesse, at a high level.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Spinnerbait/Buzzbait ●Bladed jig ●Swimming jig ●Medium weight swimbait ●Shallow to middle crankbait ●Vibration/Metal vibration ●Texas rig/Light Texas rig ●Free rig ●Bait cat ●Heavy drop shot rig ●No sinker/ Nail rig ●Small rubber jig ●Jig with guard ●Football jig etc…

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