For the big lake strategy, to shoot the opposite bank of Noike.
7 feet 11 inch ultra long spinning with a tough solid tip that maximizes the long throw performance of lightweight lures.

King Serpent

A 7 foot 11 inch ultra long spinning king serpent that targets long distances at explosive distances.

In addition to its long length, the tough solid tip has excellent light lure casting performance and sensitivity, the ability to eat naturally, the power and excellent operability of the telescopic structure, small rubber jig, neko rig, drop shot, light Not only finesse approaches such as Texas rig and jig head rig, but also high lure with heavy weight such as heavy Carolina rig, metal vibration, and small swim bait.

From the land, it is possible to approach areas that could not be attacked by conventional spinning rods, such as hard bottom capture far off the big lake, which is an unknown area, and Noike’s anti-bank shot. In particular, the overthrowing ability of high specific gravity no-sinker and metal vibration is the sole feature of King Serpent. The advantage of being able to approach spots where no one has been attacked is immeasurable.

At the same time, handling a variety of lures in one can be said to be a very reliable ability for landless anglers who do not want to carry many rods.

Of course, the advantage of that length can be fully demonstrated from the boat, in course control by line mending with a winding method such as minnow or shad, and range adjustment (* 1) by moving the tip position up and down.

In addition, the rod tip feed width is wide and it is easy to take out line slack, the rod is raised up easily and it is easy to remove the root, and it is easy to float the fish to disperse and receive power throughout the rod, Ultra Benefits unique to long power finesse rods. In addition, long casts of lightweight rigs under headwind are not possible with bait tackles.

Exactly one and only. 7 feet 11 inches ultra long power finesse spin boasting various operation control performance as well as explosive flight distance. King Serpent reaches an unknown area that could not be thought of with conventional spinning rods, and opens up unexplored hot spots.

(* 1) Height (170cm average) + about 240cm (rod length) = 4m10cm if you stand the rod, -50cm from your feet if you lower it, 1m50cm if you kneeling (reeling with one knee into the water) and 1m50cm The difference in height between the rod tip and the tip during kneeling is calculated to be 5m60cm. This is a “winding shad” method for shads and small cranks, which has the advantage of deliberately adjusting the submarine range because the line angle changes significantly depending on the tip position.

<Compatible lure & rig>
Small rubber jig / Drop shot rig / No sinker / Cat rig / Light Texas rig / Jig head rig / Carolina rig / Minnow Shad / Vibration metal vibration / Small swim bait / Insect-type lure etc…

  • blank
    Employs a tough solid tip that is thicker than a general solid tip rod. The tip section with moderate hardness and exquisite repulsion while having the fineness, sensitivity, and eating ability unique to solid tips improves casting accuracy and distance that cannot be achieved with solid tips that are too soft.

    The tubular part of the belly to bat wraps medium elastic carbon thickly, and the bat part is reinforced with ± 30 ° kaleido super quattro cloth. Combined with the thickness of the bat diameter unique to the telescopic structure, it realizes a powerful power that does not seem to be a spinning rod.

    Solid tip joining by synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT) realizes a smooth and smooth bend curve. While having the same power as an MH bait rod, it boasts a wide range of responsiveness to handle light rigs that cannot be cast with an MH bait rod without stress.

  • Telescopic structure
    Telescopic structure considering the convenience of transportation, which is an obstacle for long rods of 8 feet class. (Approximately 8 feet when using → 6 feet when

    closing ) Utilizing the structure where the heel part is one step thicker than the blank, it achieves overwhelming bat power. It also has a direct operation feeling from a high rigidity feeling that eliminates the twisted feeling at hand.

    At the same time, the center of gravity provided by the structure eliminates the feeling of weight. Boasts light operability that cannot be thought of as an 8-foot long rod.

  • Guide system
    Original setting of Fuji / K guide (torzite ring / titanium frame) of optimum size for power finesse with PE line or thicker fluorocarbon line.

    The ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight torzeite ring, which has good line slip and can secure a larger guide inner diameter while being lightweight, maximizes casting performance and contributes to improved operability and sensitivity.

  • ▼ When using▲ When closing
  • Free-running bat guide
    A planetary bat guide system that solves the problem that the final dimension is not shortened as long length is reached because the normal telescopic structure can only reach the position of the original guide.

    By making the former guide floating, the blank can be moved to the former arm without being disturbed by the former guide, ensuring exceptional convenience as an 8-foot class long rod with a dance dimension of about 6 feet To do.

  • Reel seat & grip
    Uses a separate grip that emphasizes operability and weight reduction.

    A combination of the Fuji VSS16 reel seat (1) and the TVSK hood (2) that suppresses the gap and level difference between the reel seat and the hood and eliminates the feeling of strangeness when holding. Two round shapes (3) on the back of the cork grip and the top of the hood (3) ensure a secure fit so that you can grip with either your two fingers or three fingers.

    In addition, the holdability is improved by cutting the side of the cork grip into a flat shape (4). It is an ideal shape for power finesse that can handle more delicate operations as well as making it easier to apply force and gripping firmly.

  • Taking advantage of the telescopic structure that realizes the center of gravity of the hand, a long rod → long grip → a grip length that is not too long (size that the rear grip fits into the elbow) is overturned. While maintaining good handling at the time of casting-fighting, the effective blanks part longer than the usual spinning rod exceeding 8 feet is secured.

    Kaleido original end plate with kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end. The end cap is a removable screw that is convenient for maintenance.

  • Rod holder
    A dedicated rod holder is included to prevent blanks from popping out and rattling during storage and transportation, and looseness of the floating guide.
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    ① Challenge to a new field that overturns common sense ▶ Direction to be

    aimed at as the longest power finesse long spinning rod in the Serpenti series ② True aim of adopting a telescopic structure ▶ 7 feet 4 inches that eliminate the disadvantages of long length Proto

    ③ Infinite search for flight distance ▶ Long-length advantage compared with salt water rod

    ④ Role played by 83 proto and innovative idea ▶ The ideal image of power finesse and long spinning rod that has become visible

    ⑤ 7 feet 11 inches with effective length exceeding 8 feet ▶ Operation control performance that can only be achieved with long lengths

    ⑥ Complete establishment of identity as King Serpent ▶ Acquired casting control in addition to explosive flight distance