Overwhelming lightness by special setting, sensitized sharpness,
but T1100G 100% blanks power that is not lost.

Grand Cobra RS

Using 20% ​​innovative material, 100% of Torayca® T1100G, a high-strength, high-modulus carbon, once in 20 years, it can be used freely from 3 oz class big bait to swim bait, spinner bait, rubber jig, Texas rig Based on the same blanks as the dream universal bait rod, Grand Cobra BK Limited , if you want to take it out, as a tournament rod that requires long-term continuous use, meet the demands of professional angler Katsutaka Imae and implement thorough weight reduction measures Grand Cobra RS Limited.

The biggest difference between a professional angler and a general land angler is the number of casts per fishing line. Landers anglers have a lot of fishing, but they are overwhelming in the morning and evening. Therefore, there is a strong tendency for rods to require physical durability with little aging that can support fishing for a short time for many years.

Pro anglers, on the other hand, look at tackles from a completely different perspective. For example, magazine coverage. It’s natural to keep swinging the rod from the early morning to sunset for a full two days. When it comes to the top tournament, in the tournament performance, it is an everyday sight to keep swinging the rods for more than 8 hours a day for 2 days in the official practice + 3 days in the main battle for a total of 5 days. In the pre-practices, it is the world of top tournament that sometimes keeps casting from early morning to dusk every day for up to 10 days. Therefore, “lightness” is often the most important performance that pro anglers demand for rods. Grand Cobra BK Limited,

which made its debut as a “New Age Versatile Rod” using 100% of the latest carbon “Torayca® T1100G”In order to take advantage of the high elastic tension and medium elastic muscular stickiness, the blanks design that dares to wrap the sheet thickly and prepares a low taper regular action to make the whole body look like a whip. In addition, because it is an all-double foot guide specification that assumes hard use on the land, you may feel a little heavy when you consider it as a tournament rod that requires long-term continuous use. Therefore, Grand Cobra RS Limited has taken thorough weight reduction measures.

Of course, Blanks uses 100% of “Torayca® T1100G” which is completely the same as Grand Cobra BK Limited . The guide is all-double-foot BK Limited, while RS Limited is all-trozite titanium with a single tip, a berry-reinforced single, and a double-foot bat, maintaining a strength that can withstand high loads while being significantly lighter The top heavy feeling is also removed. Even if we continued to play Grand Cobra RS Limited all day, the burden on the body was dramatically reduced.

The guide setting not only reduced the physical burden on the angler, but also changed the impression of the rod itself. When the top heavy feeling disappeared due to the adoption of an ultra-lightweight guide, the potential of blanks awakened, and the sharpness and sharpness of blanks were further sharpened. Originally the Grand Cobra was characterized by a low taper feeling like the Cobra family, but thanks to the super lightweight single foot guide, the sharpness that had previously been hidden came to emerge. A special feeling that has a “hard-core sharpness” like an electric shock jig rod, but also has a “curvature stickiness” unique to the Cobra family. “It’s hard but soft”. “Stops to turn”. There is an evolution of an absolutely contradictory world unique to 100% pure T1100G carbon blanks.

The Grand Cobra RS Limited, set as a high-spec racing special for pure competitions, is easy to understand if you think of it as a rod with sharpness and stickiness that has a jig batting ability. Sharpness that has been sharpened by squeezing light weight while maintaining the inherently high elasticity and medium elasticity of the Grand Cobra. A super-aggressive heavyweight versatile that keeps attacking hundreds and thousands of throws a day. Grand Cobra RS Limited breaks the established concept of heavyweight rods formed so far with a single shake.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Swimbaits / Big baits / Heavy spinner baits / Braided jigs / Medium to large crank baits / Jigs with guards / Football jigs / Texas rigs / Heavy Carolina rigs etc… Click here forInspire

RS & GT development stories

  • blank
    ■ Torayca® “T1100G” & “Nanoalloy® Technology” A
    low taper blank with a carbon prepreg that uses “Nanoalloy® Technology” applied to a high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayca®“ T1100G ””. Lightweight and slim, while providing a sharp feeling of operation, it demonstrates amazing tenacity and power. It can be used for various purposes due to the conflicting property of “bending despite tension”.Furthermore, all the layers from the tip to the bat are rolled up with the TORAYCA® “T1100G”, creating a stagnation bend curve and, in turn, an extraordinary follow-up capability for a wide range of weight lures.

  • Click here for a detailed explanation of the high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayca®” T1100G “”
  • ■ Kaleido Super Quattro Cloth The
    entire body is reinforced with Super Quattro Cloth (4-axis seat) to prevent twisting without making it harder and harder than necessary. Hybrid full wrapping specification with ± 45 ° manufacturing method from top to former guide, and ± 30 ° manufacturing method with high density of diagonal reinforcement and higher power from the original guide to the lower bat part. This setting maximizes the light and strong characteristics of the “Torayca® T1100G” blank.
  • Guide system
    The tip has a torzeite ring, titanium frame and single foot, the belly has a torzeite ring, titanium frame and reinforced single foot, and the bat has a torzeite ring, titanium frame and double foot. A setting that combines a lightweight and sharp feel that eliminates the feeling of top heavy with strength to withstand high loads.

    Adopting a larger caliber instead of the popular micro and semi-micro guides increases lineability and freedom, improves castability, and contributes to sensitivity enhancement such as lure action and bite sign.

  • Fore grip
    Eliminating the fore grip and realizing further weight reduction. In addition to the winding check of the sharp design, the minimum 4-axis carbon sleeve nut greatly contributes to weight reduction and high sensitivity.
  • Reel seat design
    The reel seat is a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank touch method that emphasizes ease of grip and sensitivity.

    The RS Limited series is given a black mica color to create the texture of the finest model.

  • Sign
    The signature included only in the RS Limited series is a special specification (limited version) that Katsutaka Imae has set for use in the tournament.
  • Grip design
    Separate grip specifications that emphasize operability and weight reduction. The RS limited series uses AAA champagne cork, which is hard and contains a lot of air, as the most important center grip material that touches the hand, and is designed to thoroughly reduce weight and improve sensitivity transmission.

    The grip end is fitted with an original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif.

  • Blank in grip
    By using 30 tons of carbon and winding it to the wall thickness, it achieves an appropriate weight balance in addition to rigidity. In addition, a blank in the grip with a dedicated design that eliminates twisting by reinforcing with 4 axes of ± 30 °.

    Prevents power loss due to deflection, creates a feeling of rigidity when casting and hooking, and at the same time eliminates the feeling of weight by distributing the center of gravity in a balanced manner on the hand side.