A 7-foot MH power perfect spineless rod that changes the standards of bass rods.
Casting, hooking, landing, all outstanding roll versatility.


Inheriting the flow of the Super Steed GT-R , which was in its final form as a perfect spineless rod , it is long and hard. Deerwolf Wild 7 is a perfect spineless model with 7ft MH power that upgrades the standard of versatile rods.
6:4 regular action, thick and muscular blanks. Its characteristics are not those that claim to be ultra-lightweight. What was designed was a good sense of weight. The aim is to create a strong sense of force and a smooth and comfortable swing when the lure is flicked out when you actually swing the rod in the field.
Because it is perfect spineless, there is almost no cast blur caused by blanks, and the shot hits the desired spot with the trajectory you envisioned. Not only that, but the perfect spineless blank allows you to embed the hook point without losing hooking power.
Moreover, since there is no catch by the spine that inhibits the flexibility of the bass, the blanks will firmly follow the sudden change of direction of the bus during the fight. Even in situations where the line tension tends to loosen when it is close to the boat or near your feet, the line tension is always maintained to reduce the risk of breakage.
Compatible with all types of rolls, such as crawler baits, big pencils, full-size cranks, deep cranks, big baits, swimbaits, swim jigs, bladed jigs, spinnerbaits, big spoons, and all conceivable rolls of 3/8oz (10g) or larger. corresponds to
Deer Wolf Wild 7 has the same blanks and guides, but two types with different grips: RS (cork, semi-long grip) and GT-R (EVA, short grip).
Both the RS and GT-R have an overall length of 7 feet. Therefore, compared to the GT-R, the RS has a grip that is 1 inch longer, and the blank butt section is 1 inch shorter, giving it a slightly harder feel. As a result, it shows superiority in long casts and hooking. Suitable for casting large lures long distances or repeatedly on big lakes.
In particular, soft swimbaits, swim jigs, spinnerbaits, big spoons, etc. are extremely compatible with long casts and hooking at long distances, and sometimes it is necessary not only to put them on, but also to actively catch reaction bites. good.
In addition, the grip length is well balanced with respect to the overall length, and it is versatile enough to handle not only horizontal but also vertical handling, making it versatile in situations where there is a limit to the number of rods that can be held in small boats or on land. Willing to.
<Compatible lures & rigs>
● Bladed jig ● Spinnerbait ● Swimbait ● Swim jig ● Full size crankbait ● Deep crankbait ● Big bait ● Big top water ● Big spoon etc…