Instantaneous striking power applied with a single blow. Castability that shines through one point.
Next-generation electric shock that overturns the common sense of highly elastic heavy rods. 

Sharpened sharpness, competition-oriented RSR.

” Gans phosphorus jar light and sharp, like a black Gunner tough and powerful as. Yet cast is determined Bishibashi,” said Imae KatsuTakashi is referred to as the next generation of electric shock Rapid Gunner is, sensitivity, strong tension, rigidity feeling, power, balance , Light weight, operability, instantaneous power … All the performance required for electric shock is obtained, and flexible castability and big bait that has been weak with high-elasticity electric shock rods Combines wide-area performance that can be handled with

After using a lot of TORAYCA® T1100G on the main shaft, it is armed with super high elasticity 50 tons, high elasticity 40 tons, narrow angle high density quatrocross, and metal material boron. Without compromising for perfection, by putting only the necessary amount of the necessary materials, we obtained performance that surpassed the previous Dengeki rods in all aspects.

A full-size jig and a Texas rig that can be manipulated with crispness, reacting instantly to reaction moments instantly and shooting a hook and hook on the midline of the upper jaw of the bus. The ability is proof of next-generation electric shock. It supports all casting styles such as skipping and backhand casting, and enables silent casting that makes the big baits and swim baits that tend to be sliced ​​by twisting the blanks straight out, and keeps it tightly at the surface.

Rapid Gunner RSR

Based on the Super Blanks, it was the RSR model that Imae thoroughly refined as a tournament model. Employs semi-micro size reinforced single foot guide (titanium frame / torzite ring), based on the absolute performance of the rapid gunner, and further sharpened for lighter sharpness.

In addition to the overall weight being reduced by the ultra-light single foot micro guide, the ideal balance of the center of gravity of the hand is achieved through the combination of boron metal reinforcement from the center to the bat. The instantaneous power generated by the high balance is the highest in combat history and contributes greatly to speeding up casting and hooking.

The speed and power that transcends past electric shocks, as well as long-distance spot shooting performance with outstanding castability, and the depth of pocket that can handle not only rubber jigs and Texas rigs, but also heavy spinner baits, swim baits, big baits freely Next generation Dengeki Rapid Gunner. Rapid Gunner RSR is a special model for competition that is lighter and sharpened while making the blank guide performance to the maximum with Imae’s special guide setting.

<Corresponding lure & rig>
Jig with guard / Texas rig / Football jig / Heavy Carolina rig / Big bait / Swimbait / S system / Heavy spinner bait etc…

  • blank

    ❶ Main shaft (butt to tip): High strength and high modulus carbon fiber “Torayca® T1100G” & “Nanoalloy® technology” is adopted, and it realizes a light and slender and sharp operation feeling, while also providing amazing tenacity and power. Demonstrate.

    ・ For details → Grand Cobra product development concept

    バ ッ ト Bat-Center: Ultra high elasticity low resin 50 ton carbon reinforcement makes lightweight and high rigidity.

    ❸ Bat-Center: Metallic rigidity is reinforced with unidirectional micro pitch boron fiber.

    ❹ Grip end to belly: ± 30 ° narrow-angle high-density quattro (4-axis) cross reinforcement to enhance torsional rigidity.
    ・ For more details → Inspire concept page

    バ ッ ト Bat to Berry: High elastic low resin 40 ton carbon assists to secure tension rigidity.

    ▼ For more information on blanks ▼
    Genealogy of Dengeki Trajectory to the birth of Rapid Gunner [4]

  • Guide system
    ■ top guide
    flange type (Torr-Zeit ring titanium frame)■ tip-berry section (8)
    foot part is thick and long high-strength type of small-caliber single-foot (Torr-Zeit ring titanium frame)■ butt (3)
    Small caliber double foot (torzite ring / titanium frame)While maintaining light weight with semi-micro setting, the minimum inner diameter is secured by enlarging the inner diameter with torzeite ring. At the same time, the guide height is reduced by reducing the diameter and the number of guides is increased to 12 to increase the number of points, thereby suppressing blank twist.By improving the operability, reducing the weight for high sensitivity, and suppressing the twisting of the blank to increase the torque to prevent power loss, the functions have been expanded to include not only jigs and worms, but also big baits and swim baits.
  • Grip design (fore)
    Lightweight and highly sensitive by combining reel seat nut with high sensitivity 4-axis carbon and simple design winding check with metal parts in part. Fore gripless design featuring a sharp sense of operation.
  • Grip design (reel seat)
    The reel seat uses a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel sheet that is easy to grasp and has a blank touch method that emphasizes sensitivity. Above all, grip rigidity is enhanced by selecting the maximum grip inner diameter.

    In addition, the blanks from the inside of the reel seat to the separate part are reinforced with ± 30 ° narrow-angle high-density quattro (4-axis) cloth to thoroughly eliminate twists and suppress power loss during casting and hooking.

    Black mica color is applied to create the texture of the finest model.

  • The signature that goes into RSR is proof that Katsutaka Imae is a special specification with settings for use in the tournament.
  • Grip design (center to rear)
    Separate grip specifications that emphasize operability and weight reduction.

    AAA champagne cork with high hardness and air content is used for the most important center grip material that touches the hand. Thorough weight reduction and improved sensitivity transmission.

    The rear grip uses EVA material for durability and balance of the center of gravity.

  • The grip end is fitted with an original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif.
  • ■ Another rapid gunner 
    all double foot guide adopted. Hardcore angler’s right arm, toughness HD. 
    → HD-C70XHX Rapid Gunner HD
    ■ If you want to know more about Rapid Gunner, please click here .
    Genealogy of Dengeki Trajectory to the birth of Rapid Gunner

    ① The weapon of Katsutaka Imae, who boasts overwhelming strength, Dengeki Awase ▶ A rod with a metallic rigidity that enables an innovative concept that is the opposite of common sense, the first Dengeki / Ganning shaft.

    ② Inspire-Temjin, from boron reinforcement to ultra-high elasticity carbon ▶ A lineup of electric shocks that continues to evolve with cutting-edge materials and technologies to match the times.

    ③ Power & toughness black gunner, light weight & sharp gunslinger ▶ The series of lightning blitz is fused again and the seventh generation blitz rapid gunner is born.

    ④ Speed ​​and power that exceeds the past, and the hooking performance of the masterpiece ▶ “Torayca® T1100G”, high elasticity 40 tons, ultra high elasticity 50 tons, narrow angle high density quattro cloth, and even boron… the best possible combination of materials .

    ⑤ Next-generation electric shock with long-distance spot shooting performance in hand ▶ Amazing carbon material “Torayca® T1100G” that replaces negatives of past electric shock rods positively.