Super tough solid tip on bait rod base construction.

Power finesse versatile that goes beyond bait finesse.

Spin serpent

Versatile model of power finesse, spin serpent. The main blank incorporates the bait rod manufacturing method and structure and is equipped with a powerful and flexible solid tip. The corresponding area not only covers the entire lure used in bait finesse, but also controls the ultra-light rig that is difficult to handle even with bait finesse due to the delicate operation feeling of spinning gear. Furthermore, its versatility is not limited to finesse soft baits such as small rubber jigs and light rig worms, and as its name suggests, it is comparable to bait rods for “spinning action” of hard baits such as shad and small crank baits. Versatile to handle at a high level.

By adopting a blank construction that takes advantage of the bait rod that carries the lure weight firmly on the body to the spinning rod, not only a lightweight rig, but also a long throw property of a shad plug that has high air resistance and is difficult to cast long Dramatically improved. In addition, the latest super tough solid is joined to the tip section. By designing the solid part longer, it realizes a light cast feel and accuracy using a tip that tends to be lacking in the power rod, and at the same time creates a “ between bite ” that becomes a big weapon under tough conditions The The “between” greatly contributes to fishing that winds shad etc. Supports sucking hard baits.

Due to these characteristics, one of the techniques that has been greatly developed in recent years, “rolling shad” that can efficiently search the vertical revetment often found in large rivers and Kasumigaura water system is high-dimensional correspondence. The bait rod construction + tubular section of the whole body is reinforced by Kaleido Super Quattro Cross 4-axis reinforcement in this technique that requires the use of a light lure, long reeling speed, ultra-fine lines that reduce water resistance, and spinning tackle. By doing so, the tip dancing (rambling) when raising the cadence (rotation) of the reel that is easy to occur with high-speed winding with high resistance, which was a weak point of spinning until now, is suppressed to the limit, and moist like a bait rod Realize the feeling of winding.

The bait rod side and the fineness of spinning. Full coverage of lures used in bait finesse from tough, slender and supple personality. In addition, a lighter rig that takes advantage of spinning characteristics is within range. Small rubber jigs, heavy cat rigs that shoot into the cover, 3-4 inch shad tails and straight worm no sinkers are natural, small shading plugs that are good at adapting to winding things that exceed the common sense of spinning A spin serpent covering a wide range of crank baits and small spinner baits. State-of-the-art power finesse versatile rod that takes full advantage of the bait rod blank structure.

<Compatible Lures & Rig>
Minnow Shad / Small Crankbait / Small Rubber Jig / Drop Shot Rig / No Sinker / Nekorig / Light Texas Rig / Jig Head Rig etc…

  • blank
    The range of usable lures is dramatically widened by the bend curve without the habit that is realized by setting the solid tip part slightly longer, and also adopting the synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT) for joining with the tubular Acquired versatility and high balance casting ability.

    Although the tubular part of the belly-bat is thin, it adopts a bait-type rod construction that wraps medium elastic carbon thickly. In addition, the entire tubular part is reinforced with ± 30 ° kaleido super quattro cloth to thoroughly suppress twisting and blurring. It has the stability in high-speed retrieve and the power that is comparable to the bait finesse rod.

  • Guide system
    Original setting of Fuji / K guide (torzite ring / titanium frame) of optimum size for power finesse with PE line or thicker fluorocarbon line.

    The ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight torzeite ring, which has good line slip and can secure a larger guide inner diameter while being lightweight, maximizes casting performance and contributes to improved operability and sensitivity.

    A titanium frame SiC ring guide with a gentle ring cross-section that prevents the line from being sharply angled is used only for the top guide where the line is easily angled.

  • Reel seat & grip
    Uses a separate grip that emphasizes operability and weight reduction.

    A combination of the Fuji VSS16 reel seat (1) and the TVSK hood (2) that suppresses the gap and level difference between the reel seat and the hood and eliminates the feeling of strangeness when holding. Two round shapes (3) on the back of the cork grip and the top of the hood (3) ensure a secure fit so that you can grip with either your two fingers or three fingers.

    In addition, the holdability is improved by cutting the side of the cork grip into a flat shape (4). It is an ideal shape for power finesse that can handle more delicate operations as well as making it easier to apply force and gripping firmly.

    Kaleido original end plate with kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end.