The symbol of aggressive spinning “Beastinger” has been updated to the extreme with the Trading Card®T1100G conversion.


Strong and supple muscular blanks have the power to compete with the so-called power finesse spin, which is hard to imagine from their slender appearance. The biggest feature of this rod is that it can be operated in a variety of ways.
It is natural that a power rod can be used with force, but the advantage of being able to use force like a power rod while having the feeling of an L-class rod is immeasurable.
For example, shad type worms Midst & Hovast, long worms Neko Rig & Down Shot Rig, Smolaba, offset high specific gravity no sinker, soft jerk bait & rat, and even small hard baits such as shad, minnow, and top water.
It can handle almost all the lures and rigs that come to mind when you think of spinning fishing, making it one of the most frequently used lures…

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<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Jig head rig ●Drop shot rig ●Neko rig ●Small rubber jig ●No sinker ●Minnow/shad ●Top water ●Soft jerk bait & soft surface bait etc…
  • ■ Blank

    An all-tubular manufacturing method that achieves smooth bend curves.

    ❶ Main shaft (butt to tip):
    Uses carbon prepreg made by applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayka® T1100G”. Although it is lightweight and slender and has the appropriate hardness and tension to create a sharp operating feeling, it also has a good ride that does not bounce off bites, cushioning performance against sudden thrusts, and is also strong enough to be used with force.
    ❷ Bat ~ Berry
    Ply up with high elasticity 40 tons low resin pure carbon. Lightweight and highly sensitive, it provides a light and sharp operating feel.
    ❸ Bat ~ #2 guide
    ±45° Kaleido Super Quattro (4-axis) reinforced with cross to reduce twisting and wobbling while avoiding unnecessary weight increase. Contributes to improving cast length and accuracy, and suppressing power loss during hooking and fighting.
    * “Trading Card®” and “Nanoalloy® Technology” are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
  • ■ Guide system
    A balance-oriented setting that matches the characteristics of a versatile rod that can accommodate a wide range of lures and rigs.
    The ring diameter is neither too large nor too small, and the number of guides is neither too large nor too small, making it highly compatible with both fluorocarbon and PE lines.
    ▪Usage guide: Fuji titanium frame Torzite ring K guide
    ▪Number of guides: 8 (including top guide)
    *For the top guide, where the line tends to get angled, we use a titanium frame SiC ring guide with a gentle ring cross-section that reduces damage to the line.
  • ■ Grip design (fore)
    A rigid grip design that absorbs the power of the muscular Trading Card® T1100G blanks and enables aggressive operation.
    The long type winding check has a shape that makes it easy to put pressure on the index finger, which plays an important role when operating the rod, improving sharpness and precision in hard rod work such as non-stop high-speed twitching.
    The thick skeleton seat hood provides firm support without having to put extra pressure on your thumb or index finger, providing excellent stability during delicate and sharp operations. The rod holding power during hooking and fighting is also increased, so it is safe for use against cover and against big fish.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat center)
    Separate grip with emphasis on operability and weight reduction. A combination of compact IPS sheet and lightweight, highly sensitive high-grade cork.
    By designing the cork part to a shape that is neither too long nor too thin, it can be gripped with the palm of your hand, and the fact that your wrist is close to the separate blank part (on the center line of the rod) provides a precise and direct operating feel.
  • ■ Grip design (rear)
    The rear grip uses high-hardness EVA material to achieve durability and balance the center of gravity at hand. The part that supports high-power skip casts and high-speed offensive operations behind the scenes.
  • ■ Grip length

  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan.
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  • ■“National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark” is printed.