Suppress the shallow big bus with cast accuracy that has been sharpened to the limit.
Dramatic high advantage for ultimate level site phishing.

Site hawk

Site fishing in a top tournament that puts enough pressure on a single cast mistake to ruin everything. The ability required of the rod under the extreme circumstances is to secure the initiative after multiplying it with the unmatched cast accuracy. Sight Hawk is a model that has the power to control the big bus without any difficulty, but it has an outstanding ability to send ultra-light no-sink rigs to the pinpoints of a single hit with a “must decide”.

The solid tip & joint that holds the key to the high-accuracy accuracy cast of the lightweight rig is made of a delicate light action class solid, which is used to join the tubular berry part with a medium-class tension for hanging. Introduced “Synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT)”. Kaleidoquatrocross reinforcement is applied from the bat to the berry, and while securing the absolute initiative after being hung, the joint technology that does not feel the seam makes the lure silent on the bus route with a snap cast from no motion Invite and push the 2km over rush and invite to open water game … By supporting the site phishing under extreme conditions with tools, you will not miss the best game here.

For example, the JB Top 50 Series Sugawara Battle held during the Sitehawk development test. Katsutaka Ima finished the long-term development with a total top weight of 5,500g over a total of 5,500g over the large lake, which was an ultra kicker in the lake. After that, one-day big fish in the Top 50 Nomura Dam match, followed by two precious quality fishes of 1,500g class to see the podium in the following Seven Colors Dam match, the ultimate level site fishing set in the Top 50 series Has continued to prove that it has an overwhelming advantage.

In addition to small rubber jigs and no sinker worms, it supports a wide range of lightweight rigs such as down shot rigs, cat rigs, and jerks. Imae is absolutely confident that he has scoured and refined ultra-high precision cast accuracy, which is absolutely essential for shallow attack-type finesse fishing, including site fishing, and also has the power to take the lead by driving down the big bass. Sighthawk, the model that represents the Assault Spinning Series. This is a super-aggressive spinning gear that is absolutely indispensable when confronting the big bus that decides the game.

<Compatible lure & rig>
Small rubber jig / No sinker / Drop shot rig / Nekorig / Jig head rig etc …

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    The delicate solid tip has an original design with a relatively short length for a 6 foot 3 inch rod. Combined with the solid tip joint by the Synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT) that does not feel the joint, it enables sharp low trajectory casting with small motion using only the tip tip, and at the same time, it suppresses tip blur and greatly improves casting accuracy It is a setting to let you.

    In addition, because the solid is short, the joint with the tubular will be moved to the other side, the berry will be tensioned, aggressive operation set as intended, and quick and reliable hooking response.

    In addition, by reinforcing the bottom bat from the # 6 guide by ± 30 ° Kaleido Super Quattro Cross, it creates the power to control the big fish without taking the initiative.

  • Guide system
    An original setting that selects a slightly larger size than a general finesse rod to carry a lightweight rig more smoothly and farther. (Usage guide: Fuji / K guide / torzite ring / titanium frame) The

    ultra-thin ultra-lightweight torzeite ring that has good line sliding and can secure a larger guide inner diameter while maximizing casting performance and operability and sensitivity. It also contributes to improving

    A titanium frame SiC ring guide with a gentle ring cross-section that prevents the line from being sharply angled is used only for the top guide where the line is easily angled.

  • Fore grip
    Fore grip, which plays an important role during action, uses a small cork grip with a reverse taper shape.

    The two fingers are designed so that the forefinger’s belly is along, making a strong, powerful and fine shake easy.

    Also, with the three fingers, the index finger can be hooked on the cork edge to soften the kickback from the rod and keep the rhythmic shake for a long time.

  • Reel seat & grip
    Separate grip with emphasis on operability and weight reduction.

    A lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel seat is used so that the two-finger grip with a focus on cast can be gripped with your hand. Increases the degree of freedom of the wrist and demonstrates superior performance in accuracy casting.

    Kaleido original end plate with kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end.