Finesse fishing in general is the defense range, and further balance of offense and defense is commanded at a high level. Eliminates Finesse’s blind spot with a delicate eating ability and absolute leadership.

Mighty finesse

Serpenti Mighty Finesse is an all-mighty finesse spinning rod with a wide range of defenses that can handle all the finesse fishing required in tournaments and high pressure lakes. With a design that takes into account the ability to handle big buses as well as the high eating ability of Finesse rods, the balance of offense and defense has been commanded at a high level, so we have gained a wider range of applications.

Designed for the longest length in the Serpenti series with a solid tip that greatly contributes to “protection”, that is, riding and eating. The solid cast feel that puts the light rig on the rod, the long-time natural shaking with the tip automatically shaken, and the easy eating even with weak power without giving the bus a sense of incongruity, etc. Setting. At the same time, by attaching a titanium frame and torzeite ring guide that achieves both weight reduction and strength, the operability to operate accurately in the deep range and the sensitivity to accurately detect the bottom material are improved.

And in order to obtain the power required for “offensive”, that is, use against the big bass and sometimes necessary cover, only the bat part is main, while maintaining the lightness unique to the finesse rod, Reinforced with a carbon material with a higher elastic modulus than the blank material and ± 30 ° kaleido super quattrocross (4 axes), ensuring absolute leadership after hanging. Equipped with the power to handle big buses encountered in Lake Biwa.

A regular taper without the habit with a smooth bend curve that does not feel the seam from tip to bat. A tournament finesse all-rounder that reliably catches the kicker fish while handling light rigs such as down shot rigs, jig head rigs, cat rigs, and small rubber jigs. Because of its versatility that is well balanced for its offense and defense, it can also be used for private fishing in every field.

<Supported lures and rigs>
Drop shot rigs / Jig head rigs / Nekorig / Small rubber jigs / No sinker etc…

  • blank
    In order to make full use of the characteristics of the solid material, the solid tip is designed to be the longest length in the Serpenti series. Casting with a light lure, shaking shaking the tip for a long time, and entering a tip that makes the tough bath feel uncomfortable will give you all the advantages of a solid tip.

    In addition, the bat part is reinforced with a carbon material with a higher elastic modulus than the main blank material and ± 30 ° kaleido super quattrocross, so it has the power to accommodate the big bus rush while maintaining lightness.

    In addition, a smooth bend curve is achieved by synchromesh manufacturing (PAT) and solid tip joining that do not feel the joint. This is a blank with an almighty performance that is excellent in balance between delicateness and power.

  • Guide system
    An original setting that selects a slightly larger size than a general finesse rod to carry a lightweight rig more smoothly and farther. (Usage guide: Fuji / K guide / torzite ring / titanium frame) The

    ultra-thin ultra-lightweight torzeite ring that has good line sliding and can secure a larger guide inner diameter while maximizing casting performance and operability and sensitivity. It also contributes to improving

    A titanium frame SiC ring guide with a gentle ring cross-section that prevents the line from being sharply angled is used only for the top guide where the line is easily angled.

  • Fore grip
    Fore grip, which plays an important role during action, uses a small cork grip with a reverse taper shape.

    The two fingers are designed so that the forefinger’s belly is along, making a strong, powerful and fine shake easy.

    Also, with the three fingers, the index finger can be hooked on the cork edge to soften the kickback from the rod and keep the rhythmic shake for a long time.

  • Reel seat & grip
    Separate grip with emphasis on operability and weight reduction.

    A lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel seat is used so that the two-finger grip with a focus on cast can be gripped with your hand. Increases the degree of freedom of the wrist and demonstrates superior performance in accuracy casting.

    Kaleido original end plate with kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end.

  • * The trademark “Mighty Finesse” is a registered trademark of Shimano Co., Ltd.