Eat it with a fine shake. The last patron god who squeezes one more in any situation.

Super finesse

Serpenti super finesse that can never be removed as a defensive spinning to overcome high-level tournaments where the pressure is extremely high, or situations that have become super-tough conditions due to sudden changes in the situation. A rod that can be said to be the final point of the finesse of the most finesse in the Serpenti series, which allows delicate handling of an ultralight rig and enables natural eating.

Its biggest feature is a slim low taper solid tip. By installing a lightweight titanium frame and torzeite ring guide, settings are made to make the most of the characteristics of delicate solid tips. The difference in the bottom material can be detected instantly because the slight difference in the load applied to the tip is accurately grasped and bent smoothly.

In addition, the tubular part of the belly-bat is not made of low resin pure carbon. The low taper blank that emphasizes the moist feeling without being too crisp, combined with the solid tip that bends flexibly and flexibly creates a beautiful bend curve without the habit of the entire rod, making use of its bend and ultra-light weight of 1 / 64oz Rig can be inserted into the pin spot at will.

In addition to the supple blank, the newly adopted original finesse grip makes eating even easier. You will be able to keep the extremely natural and rhythmic shaking for a long time without the shoulder power to reduce the fatigue of the angler and squeeze out the tough bath.

Super finesse specializing in down-shot rigs, cat rigs, jig head rigs and small rubber jigs in the super light line is a dedicated model for eating with a deep-range small mouse strategy on Lake Nojiri and Sugawara. Under extreme high pressure and tough conditions, Superfinesse will be the absolute guardian of the angler’s last resort in a situation where nothing has to be squeezed out.

<Supported lures and rigs>
Drop shot rigs, cat rigs, jig head rigs, small rubber jigs, no sinkers etc …

  • blank
    A delicate solid tip with a thin, low taper provides subtle changes in the deep range and excellent sensitivity to capture the bite, while at the same time allowing the bus to be eaten without causing a sense of incongruity. We are also good at natural long-term constant shake using the entire tip.

    In addition, a smooth bend curve is realized by solid tip joining by synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT) that does not make the joint feel. Taking advantage of its natural nature, you can put an ultralight rig into the pin spot at will.

    In addition, by keeping the ± 30 ° kaleido super quattrocross reinforcement only in the bat part under the former guide, it has enough power as an ultra light rod while maintaining lightness and delicateness at a high level.

  • Guide system
    An original setting that selects a slightly larger size than a general finesse rod to carry a lightweight rig more smoothly and farther. (Usage guide: Fuji / K guide / torzite ring / titanium frame) The

    ultra-thin ultra-lightweight torzeite ring that has good line sliding and can secure a larger guide inner diameter while maximizing casting performance and operability and sensitivity. It also contributes to improving

    A titanium frame SiC ring guide with a gentle ring cross-section that prevents the line from being sharply angled is used only for the top guide where the line is easily angled.

  • Fore grip
    Fore grip, which plays an important role during action, uses a small cork grip with a reverse taper shape.

    The two fingers are designed so that the forefinger’s belly is along, making a strong, powerful and fine shake easy.

    Also, with the three fingers, the index finger can be hooked on the cork edge to soften the kickback from the rod and keep the rhythmic shake for a long time.

  • Reel seat & grip
    Separate grip with emphasis on operability and weight reduction.

    A lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel seat is used so that the two-finger grip with a focus on cast can be gripped with your hand. Increases the degree of freedom of the wrist and demonstrates superior performance in accuracy casting.

    Kaleido original end plate with kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end.