A technical super heavyweight that creates new innovations in big baits and giant baits.


In modern bass fishing, where it has become difficult to achieve results throughout the year by simply throwing and reeling big baits or giant baits, this rod can handle situations that cannot be handled with a typical 7-8 foot big bait rod. 6’11” Triple Extra Heavy Power Regular Action.
From a low-trajectory approach that silently lands the heavy bait close to the cover or on the edge of the shore with extremely high precision, delicate centimeter-level operations move the bait carefully within the productive zone to attract bass. Then, when it’s time to make a decision, use sharp rod work to let the lure fly away, and pull the trigger for a big bass bite. Furthermore, it has the depth to handle not only close combat, but also long casts that are sometimes necessary.
In addition to the ultra-thick blank that extends to the tip, which is unparalleled in existing bass rods, it also uses state-of-the-art rod design and manufacturing technology to strictly control the spine to cast ultra-heavyweight lures. To counter the intense torsional loads that occur. Coupled with the effect of the unique eight-shape rear grip that is easy to grip and difficult to slip out, the casting accuracy of super heavy lures is extraordinary.
The weight balance between the blank and the grip is excellent, and despite the “powerful blanks” whose whole body is muscular like a spring and the “separate grip” which is short for a big bait rod and emphasizes maneuverability, it is easy to pitch and swing the rod up. Movements such as jerking and swinging down can be done easily without putting any physical strain on the angler.
611XXXH, the absolute balance between huge lure casting performance and operability. Due to its excellent balance, it has an extremely wide range of adaptability that allows you to handle not only big baits and giant baits, but also lures of about 14g without any discomfort. I also completed shooting the jig.
The Giant Deer Wolf is a super heavyweight versatile rod, but it is a new innovation in big baits to giant baits that exhibits unique specialties as a technical big bait rod.
<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Big bait ●Giant bait ●Swimbait ●Big top water ●Heavy spinnerbait ●Swim jig ●Jig with guard ●Texas rig ●Heavy Carolina rig etc…