Wide-area adaptability worthy of the name of a super middleweight, and honed ability to shoot, manipulate, and hang.

Stallion RS

In addition to Texas rigs, rubber jigs, spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, and crankbaits, crawler baits, big pencils, various swimbaits, and long worms have become part of the regular rotation, and the average weight of the lures used has become larger. fishing scene. Along with these changes in field conditions, the concept of versatile has also changed. A “true versatile rod” that can be used in fields all over the country can be described as a “super middleweight” that combines operability that allows it to comfortably handle all medium-sized rods and the ability to adapt to light-heavy rods as needed.

The Stallion, which has reigned as a versatile model for medium to heavy lures for many years, is armed with the latest trading card’s high-strength, high-modulus carbon “Trading Card T1100G” and the latest lightweight parts, and boasts its unique versatile performance. Based on this model, it has been reborn as the Inspirale Stallion RS Limited, which has even more advantages in shooting, handling, and hanging.

The slender, low-taper yet thick Stallion RS Limited blanks are Katsutaka Imae’s personal machine, which was developed to be a mainstay in top tournaments. High elasticity “Torayca® T1100G” The hybrid composition of 70% 33 ton carbon and 30% medium elastic 24 ton carbon is the golden ratio of a low taper versatile model. A high-performance blank that has been honed to achieve results in matches, combining the ultra-high torque and tenacity of a low-taper thick blank with the contradictory characteristics of the unique lightness, sharpness, and toughness of the Trading Card® T1100G. It’s finished.

While it is highly compatible with “throwing” and “winding” baits such as swim baits, crawler baits, spinner baits, bladed jigs, big pencil baits, and middle cranks, it also supports rubber jigs, Texas rigs, football jigs, metal jigs, metal spins, etc. The Stallion RS Limited has expanded its functionality to the so-called “shooting” and “hanging” features, with power bait finesse anti-cover performance, active maneuverability of bottom lures, and emphasis on active hooking.

As a guide setting for this purpose, we have adopted the latest lightweight titanium frame Torzite ring guide for all guides. Furthermore, the guide size is smaller than the Stallion GT , and compared to the Stallion GT’s nine double feet, the Stallion RS Limited has a total of 11, including a single on the tip side and a double foot on the butt side. This is a setting that reduces the total weight while ensuring the necessary and sufficient inner diameter with an all-torzite ring, contributing to improved operability and bottom detection ability not only in horizontal but also vertical handling.

Furthermore, in addition to increasing the number of guides and making them multi-point, short semi-micro single foot guides are placed in guides 1 to 7 from the belly to the tip to suppress blanks from wobbling and twisting. Fully compatible with vertical hooking, specifically short stroke hooking from the 11 to 12 o’clock position. A setting that eliminates all play, combining the delicate operating feel and sharp sensitivity that come with being lightweight and highly balanced, as well as the instantaneous power that prevents power loss when hooking. This can be said to be the ultimate guide setting that does not kill the sharp initial elastic force of the high-performance, high-elastic material “Trading Card® T1100G” but makes it even sharper.

The grip uses a separate AAA champagne cork grip that exhibits a sensitivity amplification effect, pursuing practical sensitivity and thorough weight reduction. Even when combined with a lightweight top-performance reel, you won’t feel any weight or discomfort, and the perfect weight distribution allows you to swing smoothly in all situations, including forehand, backhand, overhead, side, under, and pitching.

It covers all the elements necessary for tactics that require not only long casting power but also continuous casting endurance, such as large pencil baits, crawler baits, spinner baits, bladed jigs, crankbaits, and swim baits, while shooting Texas rigs into pin spots. The Stallion RS Limited covers fishing that requires the ability to quickly manipulate a football jig at the bottom, and even require instantaneous hooking. The Stallion RS Limited is tough yet delicate, has high sensitivity, excellent operability due to its light weight, and high agility, allowing it to survive the last-minute battles of top tournaments. A super middleweight versatile player who has honed his “shooting,” “manipulating,” and “hanging” abilities.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
Medium-sized big baits, swimbaits, S-shaped baits / shallow to middle crankbaits / vibrations / spinner baits / bladed jigs / guarded jigs / football jigs / Texas rigs / heavy Carolina rigs, etc…

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