The latest is not necessarily the best.
A rigid winding rod that represents Kaleido’s practical approach, reviving the old style guide, straight and foregrip.

Super Stallion GT2RS

Super Stallion is a big taper heavyweight versatile rod that is indispensable for monster games that exhibits overwhelming long-distance casting power and transmission sensitivity amplification ability for all large baits, especially soft swimbaits and big baits of 1oz or more. The rigid rod that represents Kaleido is set to a vibration amplification type by mixing up cutting-edge materials and old-fashioned materials. It has been reborn as the Super Stallion GT2RS, an ultra-sensitive, large reel and swimbait rod suitable for lower stances.

The blanks are mainly made of high-strength, high-modulus carbon “Torayca® T1100G”, and some use ultra-high elasticity 40 ton carbon. Furthermore, the tip part is tightened at 45 degrees and the butt part is tightened with 30 degree super quattro cloth to strengthen the whole body. Achieved 15% more tenacity than the previous model without changing the overall weight.

For its latest blanks, the guide dares to inherit the double-foot LN type large-diameter titanium frame SiC ring that was adopted in the first-generation Kaleido Super Stallion. The total number of guides is 9, which according to current theory is quite small considering the length of 7 feet 1 inch. The intention was to take into account the frequency of use of a thick line when using a large lure and the smoothness of release, but a larger guide diameter and fewer guides increases the freedom of the line and reduces the vibration of the reel. This is because it feels large and clear, and can be used at a high level for swimming bait and big bait fishing that often uses slack lines.

The grip uses AAA champagne cork from the RS Limited series , but the shape is a straight type that is standard for the GT series . Furthermore, it is also equipped with a foregrip, which is the only exception in the initial lineup of both the RS Limited and GT series.

The cork material has the same air-filled vibration amplification effect as an acoustic guitar, and when you add in the straight grip with a large surface area and even the foregrip, the improvement in sensitivity transmission is overwhelming. In addition, the straight grip has further improved the rigidity of the high taper, making it the perfect shape for casting as a large reel and swimbait rod, vibration and bite sensing, and hooking.

In order to create the best Super Stallion, we tested and narrowed down the materials and parts and arrived at a combination of the latest materials, old-fashioned parts, and a design that at first glance seems to be from a generation ago. The Super Stallion GT2RS, which bears the special name GT2RS, is proof that the latest does not necessarily mean the best, and is the result of a pure search for the best.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
Bladed jig / swimbait / big bait / deep crankbait / heavy spinnerbait / jig with guard / football jig / Texas rig / heavy Carolina rig etc…

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