“Torayca® M40X” bus rod introduced for the first time in the world.
Fusion of super-high elasticity and high-strength antinomy, extreme evolution to Versatile super-sensitive machine.


Katsutaka Imae, who knew the existence of ultra-high elasticity and high-strength carbon material “Torayca® M40X”, first thought of adopting the rod was the Black Raven, which he thought was the completed form with no change. The lightweight, sharp, and sharp ultra-high-elasticity blanks that mainly use 40 ton carbon were the absolute standard of Imae as an ultra-sensitive bottom sensor, but the only concern is the ultra-high elastic carbon. There was anxiety about strength, which was inevitable due to the characteristics of the material.

The Inspirere Black Raven Extreme RS, which adopted the innovative carbon material “Torayca® M40X” that has both high compressive strength and high elastic modulus for the first time as a bass rod, is a rod that eliminates that anxiety at once and transforms it into an advantage. is there.

In order to further emphasize the characteristics of “Torayca® M40X”, which is unique to the super-high elasticity, “Torayca® T1100G”, which has both high elasticity and medium elasticity, and also 24 tons of medium elasticity, and Super Quattro Cross are exquisitely mixed. “Raven Extreme RS”, the “ultimate” ultra-high elasticity rod that far exceeds the conventional wisdom of ultra-high elasticity carbon rods.

Ultra-high sensitivity in which the characteristics of ultra-high elastic carbon are clearly pushed to the front. Fast taper hanging tone with excellent hooking speed. The feeling in my hand is dramatically improved in strength and impact resistance while inheriting the dramatic sharpness and lightness of Black Raven. Furthermore, after hook setting, it shows stickiness and compliance like a medium elastic rod. Through its extreme evolution, it has been reborn from a one-point breakthrough ultra-sensitive bottom sensor to a versatile ultra-sensitive machine with cross-regional combat power.

For any worm rig such as Texas rigs, heavy down shots, bait cats, etc. From shallow to super deep rubber jigs and football jigs, to wild finesse shooting small rubber jigs into the cover. Furthermore, the range of lures that can be handled freely such as medium-weight swim bait, slow roll of spinner bait, metal vibration and metal jig is wide. Moreover, because of its sharp and super-sensitive characteristics, it is possible to detect the danger of rooting, and it is possible to attack even the last minute. Needless to say, the accuracy of the attack that outperforms the group is directly linked to the fishing result.

With a sharply honed sensation that completely controls all operations and produces the ultimate reaction speed, instead of waiting for a chance, you attack with your own will and shoot. Then, he suppresses it with a thick elasticity and puts it in his palm. The super-high elasticity pedigree Black Raven with toughness and tenacity enjoys an extreme world.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
● Texas rig ● Jig with guard ● Football jig ● Heavy drop shot rig ● Bait Nekorigu ● Small rubber jig ● Medium-sized swim bait ● Spinner bait ● Metal vibration ● Jigging spoon etc…


  • ■ Blank

    ❶ Main shaft (butt to tip)
    High strength and high elasticity carbon “Torayca ® T1100G” & “Nano Alloy ® technology” mixed with medium elasticity 24 ton carbon. It features moderate flexibility and delicacy of the tip section and the power and tenacity to cover the entire blank.

    ❷ bat-Berry
    was both high compression strength and high modulus of elasticity “trading cards ®M40X” & “nanoalloy ® technology” adopted. It has not only the lightness and sharpness unique to ultra-high elastic materials, but also the toughness that was a characteristic of medium elasticity. Designed to differentiate the tip section from the trading card M40X by deliberately limiting the use to the belly section, making the belly section’s tight feeling even more prominent.

    ❸ bat-center
    high-strength, high-modulus carbon bat power by adding further up the “trading cards ®T1100G” is up. Not only hard, but also exerts followability and stickiness when force is applied.

    ❹ bat-berry
    lightweight with excellent耐捻Gillet adopted a ± 45 ° Kaleidoscope Super Quattro (4-axis) cross that combines the performance. While maintaining a sharp and tense feeling, it strengthens the sense of rigidity.

    ▼ Detailed information about the blank ▼
    Black Raven Extreme Development Story
    * “Torayca®” and “Nanoalloy® technology” are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
  • ■ Guide system
    ●Tips-Berry Section (9 pieces) In
    pursuit of sensitivity, agility and practical strength, the tip part is the lightest small diameter torzeite ring/titanium frame/single foot guide, and the belly section is torzuite ring/titanium. A frame-reinforced single foot guide is set.●Bat section (2 pieces)
    The LKW guide (SiC ring), which is the lightest in its class, is adopted in spite of the strength of the stainless steel double foot frame. In the field test by Katsutaka Imae, it was also evaluated as “good thread loss during casting” and “excellent cast feel”.
  • ■ Grip design (fore)
    The combination of a reel seat nut that uses high-sensitivity 4-axis carbon and a winding check with a simple design that uses metal parts in some parts makes it lightweight and highly sensitive. Fore gripless design featuring sharp operation feeling.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat)
    The slim, lightweight Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank touch system, which emphasizes sensitivity and above all, is adopted as the reel seat.

    The black mica color is applied to create the texture of a special model.

  • The signature that enters the RS series is proof that Katsutaka Imae has special settings that are set for use in tournaments.
  • ■Grip design (center-rear)
    While adopting a separate design that emphasizes operability and weight reduction, power loss is suppressed by reinforcing the separate blank part by ±30° 4-axis. Original design that achieves both lightness and rigidity.

    The most important center grip that comes into contact with the hand is the AAA champagne cork, which is light, hard, and contains a lot of air. We are striving to thoroughly reduce weight and improve sensitivity transmission.

    EVA material is used for the rear grip to achieve durability and balance of the center of gravity at hand.

  • An original end plate (red version) with a kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end. Produces an accent with deep red, a color similar to the fore and rear grip metal parts.
  • ■ Grip length

  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for

    “Commitment to Made in Japan” .

  • ■”National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified products
    A certificate that the “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” has certified to comply with the content and conditions based on the  Fair Competition Code on Labeling of Fishing Rods” approved by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Attached “Fishing rod fair mark”.

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