Full tubular revolution that transcends 20 years of time and space.
Temujin’s ultimate operating system and ultra-high elasticity shaft that has evolved and revived with the latest technology.


The shaft is made of ultra-high elasticity carbon, right down to the tip, with clear tension throughout the entire shaft. Moreover, it is short length. The trend in the bass fishing industry where rods are becoming longer each year is largely ignored. However, the clarity during operation is on a whole other level. The feeling is that of a polished Japanese sword. It is truly the first Temujin (released in 2000). A famous rod that was ahead of its time 20 years ago is now revived in the modern era.
From bait finesse of 2g of smolaba to wild finesse of around 5g. Not only for close combat but also for long range combat. Furthermore, it can be used for football jigs and technical warming around 7g. In terms of hard and soft baits, it has the potential to handle even 110mm class jerk baits and large pencil baits with ease. In this way, the ultra-high elastic full tubular war gazelle is characterized by its versatility and wide adaptability.

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<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Small rubber jig ●Compact rubber jig ●Bait cat ●High specific gravity worm no sinker ●Heavy drop shot rig ●Light Texas rig ●Football jig ●Top water ●Jerkbait ●Shad ●Small rat & small frog ●Small spinnerbait ●Small size Bladed jig etc…