The final form of power finesse that masters hanging and maximizes versatile performance. Spider thread comes from heaven.


Not only does it cover all aspects of power finesse at an extremely high level, but it also has the castability, sensitivity, and operability of a lightweight lure to complete cutting-edge hanging techniques, while exceeding the lifting power of an average MH bait tackle. , a truly new generation power finesse versatile, Spider Spin.
<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Small rubber jig ●Compact rubber jig ●Neko rig ●Jig head rig ●Drop shot rig ●High specific gravity worm no sinker ●Insect lure ●Light Texas rig ●Carolina rig ●Top water ●Minnow/shad ●Small swimbait ●Metal vibration etc. …
Spider Spin special points
▶ In addition to outstanding versatile performance, this super blank uses the full-body Trading Card® M40X and Trading Card® T1100G double, which has mastered cutting-edge hanging techniques.
▶ Not only distance, but also operability, sensitivity, power, etc. What is the unique guide setting that further enhances the performance of Whole Body Trading Card® M40X & Trading Card® T1100G Blanks?
▶ The secret to the grip is that no extra force is required even with blanks that have strong power, allowing you to hold them with light force and delicately manipulate them.
▶ The small end grip, which may even feel strange, assists the divine cast (=increases the landing rate when hanging) by hooking the line to only one branch.
▶ The carbon pipe that connects the separate and end grip is not just a decoration, but an ergonomically placed carbon pipe that connects the end grip.
▶ In fact, we thoroughly inspected the blank inside the grip, which is an important part that determines the performance of the rod. The vest is made from multiple carbon materials with different modulus of elasticity.
Here’s the answer
▶ “Trajectory to the Birth of Spider Spin” looks back at the process of evolution while unraveling the history of Imae’s long history of developing spinning rods and the technique of power finesse.