The spinning gear has been rebuilt from the ground up.

A completely new spinning series is born in Temujin Kaleido. That is Kaleido Serpenti.

Shallow super attack type assault, thorough protection finesse, and power finesse with superhuman strength and delicacy. Rebuild the requirements and ideals for spinning gear from the ground up.

Kaleido Serpenti is a new type of spinning machine that incorporates the latest carbon materials, cutting-edge bonding technology, original grip design, and all the manufacturing technology you can think of, as well as the wisdom gained from Katsutaka Imae’s vast experience. In top tournaments, and even more so when facing Japan’s high-pressure field, Serpenti continues to support the entire spinning strategy, which Imae has once again begun to emphasize, sometimes offensively, sometimes as a guardian angel.

Trading card T1100G whole body × Equipped with zigzag guide system.
Ultra Mach Shaker with overwhelming sensitivity.

Ultra Mach Shaker, ultra-sensitive finesse rod, and Derges that can change finesse worms and smolaba into swimming shad.
In micro-pitch shake swimming, where the rig is made to swim with ultra-high-speed shaking as if it were constantly twitching, even with an ultra-light rig consisting of a slender straight worm + 0.9g nail, the presence of the lure 20 meters away can be vividly conveyed to your hand. Even when using a hobust that produces a lot of line slack, you can feel it giving a slight vibration to the worm.
In addition, it amplifies the amount of information from the line as if it were sighting in all kinds of super finesse techniques in the deep and mid-range, where anglers tend to be blind, so it has an amazing effect on maintaining the angler’s concentration.
Sustaining concentration also improves the ability to detect minute changes on the bottom and in the water, as well as the smallest bite signs, resulting in a positive spiral effect, which is said to be “I can maintain my concentration because I have good sensitivity.I can feel it even more because I can concentrate.” I’ll give it to you. Incredible sensing power (Incredible Sensor) is now the realm of God (Derges).
<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Neko rig ●Jig head rig ●Small rubber jig ●Drop shot rig ●No sinker etc…
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