Sharp, short-length attacking finesse spinning that boldly attacks shallow areas exposed to intense pressure .

sight eagle

Based on the action of the Serpenti Sighthawk , which Katsutaka Imae trusts most when sight fishing in extreme conditions , the Serpenti has been reduced in length to 6 feet 1 inch to improve maneuverability and enhance spot shooting performance in shallow cover.・Sight Eagle. This is a short-length spinning gear with a sharp edge that aggressively attacks the shallows with good reversal, so much so that when handling small rubber jigs weighing less than 3g, there is nothing like this gear.

In addition to its overall short length, its greatest weapon is its aggressive casting performance due to its fast taper blank, which has a sharp feel and combines a short, delicate solid tip with a firm tubular belly. You can use a light small rubber jig in a small motion to freely perform quick and accurate low-trajectory casts to various spots you encounter while fishing shallow or to visible bass from any angle.

And, at the best spot here, a shaking that shakes only the tip. Furthermore, you can smoothly perform a series of actions such as catching a momentary short bite with a delicate tip, hooking it with a tight tubular belly, and bringing it closer with a bat with ±30° Kaleido Quattro Cross reinforcement.

Accurate castability of lightweight lures, natural baiting, and powerfulness that won’t give up control to the hooked bass… For example, use a small rubber jig with a guard to boldly attack bass hideouts such as standing trees, bush cover, weeds, and rocks. , use delicate shaking to entice the bass to use its mouth, then penetrate the hook into the thick upper jaw of the big bass and instantly peel it off from the cover. In addition, it is compatible with ultra-light rigs such as down shot rigs from 1/64 oz, Neko rigs, jig head rigs, and standard rigs up to 3/16 oz. Serpenti Sight Eagle is an aggressive finesse spinning rod for attacking deep shallow waters.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
Small rubber jig / drop shot rig / cat rig / jig head rig / no sinker etc…

  • ■ Blank
    The delicate solid tip is an original design with a relatively short length. Coupled with the solid tip connection using the synchromesh manufacturing method (PAT) that does not feel like a seam, it enables sharp, low trajectory casts with small motion using only the tip tip, and at the same time suppresses tip wobbling and greatly improves casting accuracy. This is the setting that allows you to do so.

    In addition, since the solid is short, the joint with the tubular is closer to the tip, creating tension in the belly, allowing aggressive operation to be performed as desired, and a quick and reliable hooking response.

    Furthermore, by reinforcing the butt part below the #6 guide by ±30° Kaleido Super Quattro Cross, it creates the power to control big fish without giving them the initiative.

  • ■ Guide system
    An original setting that is slightly larger than typical finesse rods in order to carry lightweight rigs more smoothly and further. (Usage guide: Fuji, K guide, Torzite ring, titanium frame) The

    ultra-thin and ultra-light Torzite ring has good line sliding and is lightweight but can secure a larger inner diameter of the guide, maximizing casting performance while improving operability and sensitivity. It also contributes to the improvement of

    A titanium frame SiC ring guide is used only for the top guide, where the line tends to be angled, because the ring cross-section is gentle and prevents the line from forming sharp angles.

  • ■ Foregrip
    The foregrip, which plays an important role during action, uses an extremely small cork grip with a reverse taper shape.

    The two-finger design is designed to fit the pad of your index finger, making it easy to shake vigorously and powerfully.

    In addition, with three fingers, hooking your index finger on the cork edge softens the kickback from the rod, allowing you to maintain a rhythmic shake for a long time.

  • ■ Reel seat & grip
    Separate grip with emphasis on operability and weight reduction.

    A lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel seat is used so that you can grip it firmly with the belly of your hand when using a two-finger grip that emphasizes casting. It increases the freedom of the wrist and exhibits excellent accuracy cast performance.

    Kaleido’s original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif is attached to the grip end.

  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information

    about our commitment to Made in Japan .

  • ■ “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. affixed the “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark”.