Low Modulus tip section is ML, bat section is a regular taper Okakari of L power, a rod born to complete a full cranking shad regardless of boat, 18 storm shadow. In order to make the low elasticity sticky to the fullest with the design philosophy focused on the cranking shad, the bending part and power by combining ultra-low elasticity carbon Low Modulus with the main material from belly to bat and medium elasticity and high elasticity carbon By controlling the material for each part that leaves, the winding feeling that is important for cranking and the long-throw performance of the lightweight plug are brought out. Cranking shad rod born from repeated tests to stop buses that react only to lateral movements from autumn to early spring and buses that do not use mouth for warming. Even when cranking shad fishing with strong ML power tips, the tips dodge hard bottoms and lip wraps, and the regular taper that obediently vents hangs the regular taper that hangs in a shallow state. So it’s easy to hang off, and you can put the bytes you’re cranking without playing. One that can develop the best spinning cranking that has never been experienced.