It is the 2017NEW power cranking model that adopts low elasticity carbon and Low Modulus that demonstrates only the outstanding advantage of glass and carbon, blank material with conflicting characteristics. What we wanted was light operability with full-size vibrations in the glass area, where the number of turns was increasing from late autumn to early spring. Equipped with X45 that suppresses twisting with Low Modulus as the main axis and 3DX with quick rebound, enabling agile reaction when hitting the glass, while limiting the lure movement distance after cut-off Suppression. Giving a space for eating leads to a further part-time job. “I can definitely feel that even if it is hard, it has excellent followability.” Takayuki Koike, DAIWAWORKS’s leading clanker who knows the effectiveness of the Low Modulus model more than anyone, including deep strikes. He derived from the characteristics that he did not play a bite even at high speed retrieval, and the strong belly to bat can be reliably applied. The single hook wire bait including the chatter system, and the deep crank exceeding the submersible depth of 4m. Seems to find a way to a wider and deeper range.