The tip is equipped with a super elastic titanium alloy tip “SMT (Super Metal Top)”, and the finesse rod that has achieved the ultimate ultra-high sensitivity that has never been experienced before. The supple and flexible material characteristics unique to superelastic metals and extremely strong vibration characteristics make it possible to clearly grasp the bottom information that has been captured only ambiguously until now, and even “Kissbite” during tough conditions resonates to the angler’s hand. Realized high sensitivity characteristics. A rod suitable for the expression of “extension of the hand” that can be understood not only by fish but also bottom information. Even a delicate bite can be caught firmly, so it hooks up a bus that could not be caught so far, a single piece of slimming finished in an aggressive finesse rod with an unknown potential. The ultra-high-density SVF carbon is used to further improve sensitivity, and the tough blank makes it possible to minimize blurring and tip vibration during vivi shave. The X45’s characteristics that prevent the twisting of the rod demonstrate not only accuracy cast but also long throwing performance to send the light rig to the target spot even in headwind. Even when using a fluoro of around 4lb., It adopts a large aperture former guide that reduces the line discharge resistance, so it will carry the accuracy cast and lightweight rig easily. Separate grips that emphasize operability can be easily shaken off with a single hand, and even with a double hand cast, it is possible to feel a sense of incongruity by creating a precise and compact cast by simply grasping it according to the grip length. Absent. In addition, a hook keeper that can be rigged with a single touch is installed in a separate part where the line will not get caught when casting.