A Texas rig specialty that invites you with a delicate MH tip and a strong H-powered bat penetrates your chin. By pursuing the right material and the right taper design for the functions required for each section, we went further into Texas. 08 Hustler was newly incorporated as a platform, SVF Nano Plus that realizes further weight reduction and high sensitivity while maintaining high strength. The X45 tightens from the tip that is easy to twist, not only reducing power loss, but also greatly improving cast accuracy. Also, “It used to be 5g main, but 7g if it is the same worm. And even if you carry a bulky worm on your back,” says Shuya Akabane, who has long been known as a “Texas master”. 08In addition to having a corresponding range that surpasses Hustler, mentions its excellent operability. “The hung around the cover is excellent. At that moment, you can turn the fish over here.” The butt section assisted by 3DX contributes to a dramatic improvement in instantaneous response and lifting power. 17 hustlers that have evolved normally with versatility that shows great versatility not only in shots but also in heavyweight spinner baits and swimming lures. This should be watched.