Blenheim is an orthodox Jigrod that focuses on handling and sharp operability in every situation, as well as a feeling of hanging. With the Texas rig main tip action rod, the jig’s original action was not possible due to the head shape and skirt resistance, but it was easy to stack in the cover, stamp, and lock area, and the jig’s original action could not be achieved. Therefore, in order to bring out the original performance of the jig, a stiff tip and brush guard and a belly taper that can be hung with a hard chin of a big bath, a bat power that can be pulled out with a cover, and a new taper design were born. SVF on the blank main material, and X45 all over the body prevents power loss due to twisting and accurately shoots out the spot, with outstanding cast accuracy and the original sharp action of the rod, high sensitivity, as well as an instant match It became possible to hang at the moment when there was a part-time job in the determined cover game. In addition, the length of 6’9 ”, which is excellent in handling, makes it possible to approach and efficiently search not only in cover games but also in open water fences and stakes and football jigs in hard bottom, and further guide the MNST By combining the top and KT guide, it can be used not only for jigs but also for frog games in the reservoir.