Machine gun cast type 0.5, ML power versatile rod that combines sharpness with hard-bait as well as warming to achieve an accuracy cast as if it was sharply pierced with a single hand. At light loads such as lure operation, fast, cast, etc., it bends tightly, and even when a large load is applied, it changes from fast to regular fast according to the load, regular fast of the bat that stops at hooking and fighting, A completely new taper that responds to a series of actions such as throwing, inviting, hanging and catching completes the light versatile. When casting, the kite bends, making it easy to place bait finesse rigs and medium / small hard baits on the kite, as well as a small-diameter spool and a stable accuracy cast with a versatile φ34mm spool reel. During operation, not only delicate warming but also hard baits can bring out the original movement of lures. It is a rod with a lifting power that allows the fish to float just by bending the rod and withstanding a single hook such as warming or wire bait with a tough bat that firmly stops when hooking.