“Wellsley” is a sensitivity-oriented swimming rod that makes it possible to continue to concentrate and wind while always feeling the bottom in the tensui fishing method where winding sensitivity is the key. With conventional fast moving rods, it is easy to get stuck at the bottom contact, it is difficult to detect weak wobbling, and the bottom contact is also difficult to feel. A high-sensitivity SVF blank with a slightly stiff tip of Wellesley has made it possible to continue to concentrate and wind while feeling the changes in the water, avoiding the root. Furthermore, its unique taper facilitates slack swimming that maximizes the S-shaped width of S-shaped lures as well as the Tensui fishing method, and clearly shows the difference between when the resistance when turning turns off and when it is applied By telling, it enabled delicate big bait. In addition, it has the strong bat power necessary to ensure that it is ready for slack, and the finish is ashamed of the name of the Lake Biwa / North Lake swimming style, which focuses on big fish. Wellsley, which combines a high-sensitivity tip and a strong bat, is not only suitable for sensitivity-oriented swimming fishing but also for bottom-operated fishing such as jigs and texas.