Length: 6’2″ (1piece/grip removable)
Action: XXX-Heavy Fast Taper
Grip Length: 490mm
Weight: 215g
Price: ¥54,000 (excluding tax)
2012.9 release.


The “H3N-62F” was developed for fighting against 20kg class monsters such as Papuan bass by approaching from an extremely small location on an overseas expedition or from an old small boat.
A taper that widely supports from operation plugs such as big pencils and large jerk baits, to big cranks and wire baits, and a blank that also considers the accuracy of the complicated bush around, it is a bite at a close distance and a sudden fight. Also has a torque that does not give any initiative to the opponent.
In addition, it has a close-up dimension that allows it to be loaded with aircraft, which has become more severe in recent years, and has an expedition specification that reduces troubles when traveling.

Grip design: The “H3N-62F” uses the longest grip length in the 6-foot class that transmits power without loss even when facing a 20kg class monster, and does not allow any power loss.


A blank that thoroughly pursues tenacious power exerts amazing torque. It sticks to the rush of large fish, stops it with power, and floats it with torque. A high torque and high power blank that embodies the elements that a power rod should be required in a setting specialized for giant fish.



Double wrapping is used to fix all guides except the top guide.
Robust guide setting that prevents the blank from being damaged by the guide foot even when showing extreme bending.
* Single wrapping is used for the spinning model.


■ Double foot titanium frame SiC guide setting

-Spiral guide setting model:
Suppresses power loss due to twisting, maximizes the characteristics of sticky blanks, and has the effect of suppressing thread entanglement and troubles.


-Normal guide setting model: A setting that emphasizes guide diameter, castability, and packing when traveling overseas so that 100lb class leaders can be cast without stress.



Grip end design that reduces sudden slipping out of the rod and slippage during sudden bite & run of huge fish and casting of big lure.
The model with the high-strength Hika Cork Grip End has a balancer effect with an appropriate weight, and the more it is used, the more it has a black dull luster that enhances its ownership.


■Multi-piece model

Multi-piece models such as the H2N-64R and H1N-60R have dimensions that can be stored in a suitcase to prevent problems that may occur during travel. If you use the “deps tip cover”, it will protect you from external shocks.
The spinning model with a large guide diameter has a small diameter lowrider guide that significantly reduces the damage rate of the guide.