STEEZ Flanker is a super sensitive Versatile rod reborn to capture all tough basses from shallow to deep. By using SVF COMPILE-X based on a rod and flanker that has evolved over time with Butler, Butler Limited, and using SVF COMPILE-X to assist the brittleness felt by humans with X45 And thoroughly eliminate the fragility of things. Even if you cast a heavyweight lure with high air resistance, the X45 prevents the power loss due to twisting, so you can experience a good cast feel that shoots out the pin spot without blurring, and the hooking response has also been dramatically improved and multiplied Later, the rod’s original lifting power can be brought into the landing and a series of actual fishing operations can be realized at a high level. In addition, polished high-sensitivity performance makes it easy to grasp the terrain, and fishing of a 5-inch class high specific gravity stick bait and backslide type no sinker for the bus floating on the afterspawn and cover, breaks of tetra and carp Jig & Texas in Australia, heavy down shots of dredging droops and humps, 1 / 2-3 / 4oz. Class snake caro, and 1 / 2-3 / 4oz. Spinnerbait slow roll Correspondence. In addition, a full-fledged power versatile model that can cut the weed using blade jig and vibration at Weed Lake and aim for an active bus.