A new design philosophy introduced to the solid power slim that has evolved, and one to break through extreme tough conditions such as Lake Nojiri and Lake Sugawara. The STEEZ Solid Power Slim item group, which has evolved based on the Hyundai rod of the previous Heartland, is a rod designed based on a shake with a relatively large pitch. The seek bat is not only sinking but also not only with a fine tip but also with a fine bite and sensitivity, as well as a 5’11 ”length coupled with a micro pitch shake that stops the ultralight sinker at a single point. The delicate tip that can feel the worm of the lake and also sense the change in the lake current is a special note.In addition, by tightening the high elastic solid with X45, the power loss due to twisting is suppressed to the limit, the repulsion when casting a conventional full solid rod Eliminating weakness and blurring, and reducing the line emission resistance by making the original guide a large-diameter Y guide, realizing an accuracy cast and long throw performance that you have never experienced with full solid rods. It has a berry that can be applied instantly, and it is UL-powered, but the bus is pulled hard and the light line is broken. Tough condition specialty model that can be caught without having to