The 19 Super Sky Flash is a rod with L-power tubular docked to a multi-tapered mega-top solid tip that is used to operate the rig and put out the bite. By applying multi-step taper to the mega top with material characteristics different from “SMT”, not only the biting performance but also the rig operability can be improved, and the bottom shape can be grasped when tracing by squeezing etc. Even though it is delicate, it is easy to operate the slack of the line with an exquisite taper that dodges the stack, and you can take it while you bring it into the bite. In addition, it is a gift of Mega Top that has hand sensitivity and eye sensitivity different from “SMT”. As with the solid part of the tubular part, the taper designed according to the rod’s work makes it easy to throw a lightweight light rig on the rod. A bat that lifts fish without breaking the light line after it is hung. Even in tough situations, the finesse rod has been finished with a combination of toughness and delicateness that can be obtained by hanging big fish.