[Ultra high density SVF carbon / X45 / All titanium frame SiC guide]
[Applicable lure: Spinnerbait / Rubber jig / Football jig / Texas rig / Frog]
[Applicable lure: Spinnerbait / Rubber jig / Texas rig / Frog]
“Machine Gun Cast” third arrow that combines high sensitivity, accuracy and power
While the strongest power rod in the machine gun cast series, all the accuracy, tempo and power are fused in a high dimension. Delivers excellent sensitivity with subtlety. By adopting X45, the torsional rigidity at the time of casting is dramatically improved, and the castability is high. Finished in a sharper rod, it also had versatility that could handle football jigs and Texas rigs, especially with weighted spinner baits. The length of 6’9 ”can capture ranges that TYPE-II could not handle. The high sensitivity derived from high-density SVF carbon enables a delicate approach that allows you to feel the feeling of the bus as well as the bottom information. To.
“The rod is still wanted and still not enough.” ― Toshinari Namiki
“MACHINEGUNCAST” that has sent out two types so far, and “TYPE-III” this time. The difference in seasoning is powerful and sharp. In the past, TYPE-I is M and TYPE-II is MH. This MH is a regular taper, so it’s a M-side MH. These settings were easy to throw from average size to light rigs. TYPE-III allows for a powerful swing where you want to throw a heavier spinner bait with a liner. The whole is solid and hard, and heavier lures are thrown tight, and the torso does not shake. For example, spinner baits can use heavier or bigger ones. Of course, it is easy to get accuracy and fly away. This time it ’s a long 6-foot 9-inch, so the hooking will be tight and powerful. In addition to winding lures, fishing such as rubber jigs or Texas that hooks lures that are stopped strongly has the strength to not lose power. Also, since it became a titanium guide for PE lines, I can make a strategy using frogs. I think I can develop an item that I wanted with an additional model, so I think it’s a lineup that allows you to reach itchy places.
■ Super high density SVF carbon
High density HVF carbon is produced by reducing the amount of resin compared to normal graphite and increasing carbon fiber. Blanks revolutionized lightness and power, but ultra-high-density SVF carbon was developed with the aim of further improvement. By injecting carbon fiber at a higher density than HVF, we created tension, lightness, sensitivity and power that surpassed HVF. Therefore, it has absolute strength in fishing such as jigs and Texas. However, it also features moderate softness and is also surprised by the all-round performance of scrolls. The tension, lightness, and sensitivity are the top priorities, but a little mild hidden taste is also required. It is the best material for such a rod and has been adopted for Versatile models in the Steels series.

The relationship between the orientation angle of X45 carbon fiber and the elastic modulus is very special, and even if the angle of the carbon fiber deviates even at 1 °, the elastic modulus decreases greatly. When considering the performance of the kite, the ideal structure is 0 ° / 45 ° / 90 °. The elasticity of “twist” and “slip” is reduced compared to “”. Also, in order to exert the same power as the “X45” at an intermediate angle, considerable weight increase is required. The X45, which employs the three angles with the highest elastic modulus, is the optimal structure for preventing twisting that has been scientifically backed up, resulting in high operability and improved power.

Machine gun cast can be realized by fusing all castacuracy, tempo, and power at a high level. Although it is a power rod, it also has delicateness and has excellent sensitivity transmitted to the hand. By adopting X45, the torsional rigidity has been dramatically improved. By suppressing the twisting at the time of casting, excellent castability has been achieved and the rod has been sharpened. It also has a versatile character that handles football jigs and Texas rigs, with a focus on spinner baits with weights. By following the multi-taper that vents according to the load, it is a shame to the name of the machine gun cast that castability is also synonymous with.