A model that sticks to the sensitivity and operability necessary for fishing of no sinker and cast accuracy. It is natural that it is important to fly a light rig far away compared to other rigs, but if the rod is too long, it will be difficult to apply fine action, and if it becomes a soft rod with emphasis on long cast, it will cover Not only will the surrounding accuracy cast be determined, but the awase will no longer work. Designing the ideal taper according to the place where the shark works from tip to berry and bat to fuse these conflicting elements in high dimension and make the action without moving as much as possible while feeling the resistance of a low resistance worm did. Considering the fight in the light line, the SVF blank that combines sensitivity and stickiness is tightened with X45 from the beginning to the beginning to suppress the twisting of wrinkles that tend to occur in the small diameter blank, and the tip guide has an ultra small diameter guide This prevents the twisting power loss and improves cast accuracy. Finished with an ideal rod that invites you to a dimension you have never experienced before. Not only the no sinker, but also the light caro, split shot and jig head wacky that make use of the length.