Finesse versatile rod that adopts SVF COMPILE-X that realizes ultra-high sensitivity and lightness with specifications that can handle light rigs most widely. The 6’4 “length combines delicate operability and castability. The taper is a light action model that focuses on the operability of the light rig based on the king bolt that boasts high versatility. Despite the beautiful taper of the vertices of the curve moving in the bat direction, the berry and strong bat power that draws on the king bolt lineage is firmly maintained, and combined with the characteristics of the X45 that prevents rod twisting Delivers rigs to the pin spot and has the best shake balance without bat blurring.The adoption of SVF COMPILE-X clearly transmits bottom information and bite to the angler for sharp and powerful hooking.4.5lb By adopting a large-diameter original guide that reduces line discharge resistance even before and after the fluoro, carry a lightweight rig easily without losing flight distance A separate grip that emphasizes operability is easy to swing through with a single hand, and even with a double-hand cast, you can grip it to the length of the grip to create a compact compact that naturally produces an accurate cast and feels uncomfortable during operation. In addition, a hook keeper that can be rigged with a single touch is mounted on a separate part where the line does not get caught during casting, making speedy tackle changes and movements comfortable. Is the ultimate light rig versatile rod.