This is a must-have for situations that require compact accuracy casting, such as muddy shallow lake reeds and reeds, reservoir fallen trees and standing trees, and overhangs. Needless to say, it has a hard tone for catching reeds, fallen trees, and standing trees, but it can be used for 3 / 8oz. To 1 / 2oz. This taper comes alive even with unique movements that can only be done with jigs. If you make it with conventional materials, you will end up with a dull rod, but with a high-density SVF material, Daiwa’s original molding method, which is tightened with X45, creates a sharp and highly sensitive rod. Even with a compact swing where the whole body is tightened with X45 and the lure is played without power loss and the wrist is returned, it is possible to achieve accuracy casting. Inviting with the delicate action unique to a short rod that penetrates the complicated cover, and after hanging, you can lift the fish hung with the cover with H power class bat power like Hustler with plenty of room. The technical short gear has a variety of faces, such as a spinner bait rod that is different from the machine gun II, and a jerking rod that is larger than 11cm.