Covered bait finesse rod with Harrier 7011HFB-SV DNA. Precision performance that does not miss even a slight gap, sharpened sensitivity, metallic hooking response, and 7’1 ”overall length, grip length … The basic concept is Harrier as it is, Harrier F spec, Using Fluoro’s 8-10lb line, the light rig is boldly driven into the cover using 3 inch high specific gravity worm no sinker, Sumoraba, Neco Rig, Jig head wacky, etc., sharpening the point that sharp tip gives delicate action to rig In addition, DAIWA’s original guide setting “RR-spec (Reduced Resistance) guide system” that reduces the line discharge resistance of the small-diameter guide system with the aim of improving the ease of operation of the free fall and rig of the no sinker. With this, Hariter’s hand over bait finne that can hit other unrivaled “cover” Rod “was completed.