One of the few pet names following the predecessor Butler, STEEZ’s longest seller model Harrier is finally reborn. The third generation of 17 Harrier has arrived, “Together with Jig & Texas cover shooting, a back-feeding no-sinker and a mild feeding system within range,” says Toshinari Namiki. It seems that the evolution of the dramatic reel has influenced the development as much as another bait model that Namiki handled this term, One Point Five. The tip is capable of handling jigs with its own weight and resistance, but it can handle even a lightweight rig by finishing it in a tone that is easy to roll cast. The MH power bat uses DAIWA’s unique multitaper that bends fast at low loads and parabolically at high loads, enabling a finesse approach with a 14lb. Line. While maintaining the high sensitivity of the high-elasticity SVF Compilation X, the torsion at the time of casting is tightened with X45 to improve accuracy, and the quick return 3DX greatly contributes to the lifting power that makes the fish float. The main shaft lure is 17 Harrier with a wider range of lightweight rigs, wire baits and swim jigs. Finally, Namiki added, “I really want to use it in a combo with STEEZ A TW.”