[ESS / SVF COMPILE-X / X45 / 3DX / All Titanium Frame SiC Guide]
[Applicable lure: Heavy Carolina rig / Texas rig / Rubber jig / Spinnerbait / Swim jig / Frog]
Two specializations that stand out beyond the super sensitivity and stand out
“I wanted castability, accuracy, and super light weight and super sensitivity. In my shallow cover shoot fishing, my“ strongest ”is now two.”

It was this “Strike Force 721MH / HXB-SV” that Toshinari Namiki, who created the rare name “Harrier 7011HFB-SV”, pursued the next boundary. In both cases, ultra-high-density carbon “SVF COMPILE-X” is used to achieve super-high sensitivity. Needless to say, it has an overwhelming lightness that doesn’t feel over 7 feet at the same time.

“If Harrier is centered on the speed of shooting by speedy shooting, this is a book that allows for a fine invitation after shooting.”

While shortening the tip section based on “Hustler 701HMHXB-XTQ”, strengthened Berry-bat. The tip with the tension and sensitivity peculiar to SVF COMPILE-X has created further advantages. At the same time, Yukinori Kusafuka supported development. He found the effectiveness of the snake caro he is good at.

“You can see the moment of getting over the stones of the hard bottom one by one.

Usually, if the tension is too strong, the sinker contacts only the top of the undulation and cannot find the valley. On the other hand, if it is too weak, it will not be collected after biting in or in a direction that does not occur. It is the result of design technology that makes it possible to trace along undulations with high sensitivity. In addition, the 3DX, which strongly supports the bat part and excels in repulsive force, is equipped with a long throwing power and hooking power that does not miss a distant bite. On the other hand, even in short-distance battles, it shows a sufficient lifting power. For both near and far. Finished to be a reliable partner.

Namiki says, “Rhythmical shooting, the difference in operation after landing”. Another anti-cover machine that can be used for jigs and Texas to high specific gravity sinkers. With the tag “Zillion TW 1516XXH”, it shows the perfect potential.
On the other hand, specialization in snake caro has also improved. In 2014 WBS Pro Classic, the prototype is already a winning rod. “No sinker resistant to strong winds”. Kusafuka’s words impress snake caro reinstatement.
Applicable lure
Heavy Carolina Rig / Texas Rig / Rubber Jig / Spinner Bait / Swim Jig / Frog

Daiwa’s super sense carbon SVF COMPILE-X is adopted, and it can be used widely from bottom exploration fishing such as snake caro to cover shooting, and boasts the ultimate sensitivity and operability. While shortening the tip section based on the “Hustler” and powering up the berry-bat, the tip has a unique tension on the SVF COMPILE-X, which suppresses the frequent occurrence of stacks that are common to tip action rods. However, it achieves super sensitivity and delicateness so that you can feel the moment of getting over the stones of the hard bottom one by one. 7’2 ”long length and X45 which suppresses twisting and 3DX, which excels in repulsion when vented, improve accuracy even with long rod long throws, and make it easier to cast long leaders. Even a shallow cover shoot that takes advantage of the 2 ”length and delicateness, from the back slide of high specific gravity no sinker to jig Texas. Fast taper design with strong bat power and 3DX effect not only for short distances, but also excellent long leader hooking response at long throws. . It is a rod that you can feel the evolution to match the current field conditions that have become tougher than before.