A rod with the soft tip for bait finesse, the core of the Shore Competition (SC) developed for ultimate versatility with M-power for the tip and MH-power for the bat. In Okappari, where the number of rods to be brought in is limited, it was developed to cope with all the rigs and lures required by a single rod and to win in high-pressure fields. It has the ability to handle all the worming such as down shot, no sinker, Texas rig around the cover and finesse jig with guard, which is a technique that cannot be removed in the Japanese bass fishing scene. Furthermore, in order to increase the ability to handle not only wire baits that emphasize the hooking response that the warming rod is good at, but also the crank baits that the versatile rod for the warming is not good at. In order to cope with everything from hard long bait long cast to bait finesse rig cast, 3DX which is quick to return after it has been deliberately adopted, but it is highly elastic carbon but tightening with X45 from the beginning to various, various Realizing not only lure cast accuracy but also bait finesse accuracy cast, the ultimate versatile rod at the Shore Competition was born to win the unprecedented fishing.