Equipped with “SMT Tubular”, a hollow superelastic titanium alloy tip that has been polished for further operability and sensitivity on “SMT (Super Metal Top)”, SMT (Solid), Carbon Solid Tip, Carbon Tubular Tip A rod with different operability, high sensitivity, and ML power. A higher power rank than “Sky Flash SMT” and 2 inches up while supporting heavier and larger baits. Different from the dry sensitivity of carbon tubular and carbon solid tips, the clear hand sensitivity transmitted to the hands unique to SMT Tubular makes it possible to feel the vibration of a worm that rolls due to water pressure when swimming under water. Is the true value of this rod. The tubular section with bat power added to the conventional ML power rod makes it possible not only to cast heavy rigs and bulky baits, but also to hang around the structure and peel it off at once.