Length: 6’3 ”

Power (Action): Medium Light

Taper: Solid Glass Tip

Line: 8-16 lb. Line.

Price: 44,000 yen (w / o TAX)

The short & light tune model “Absorber” of solid glass TIP rod “Attractor (G-69 MGC)”.

It is compatible with lures used for winding vibration plugs, minnows, etc., focusing on small crank baits of 1/4 to 3/8 oz., Which are frequently used in Octopari. The unrivaled cast (accuracy), the luer at will (maneuverability), and what the situation is like it now comes to mind (sensitivity) … a 6 foot 3 inch short The only thing that has a length.

The rod that absorbs without killing the short bite without killing the lure’s original action is “Absorber”.

■ Benefits by solid glass tip & carbon (tubular)
• Convert to a deep bite without a flexible tip playing for a short bite at tough conditions or at fast winding, and put it quickly with belly that powers up steplessly.・ ・ ・ “Newly put on” new sense.
• Eliminates the lack of sensitivity and rough feeling that are common to glass rods. The movement of the lure in water is transmitted to the angler more clearly.
• The movement of the lure itself and the vibration of the rod link beautifully and draw out the lure’s original action.
• It is possible to reach the target point without shaking the shaft, even at “long throw” which can not be cut with Okappari.
• A smooth bend curve from tip to berry supports cast accuracy, which can be said to be an essential part of cranking. Send the lure to the intended pin.
• The slight “weight” of the solid glass tip makes casting the light plug easy.