Length: 7’1 ”

Power (Action): Medium Light

Taper: Medium Fast

Lure Wt .: 1 / 16-3 / 8 oz.

Line: 4-10lb

Price: 46,500 yen (w / o TAX)

RAID JAPAN is a land long power rod that combines a bat with the largest power in its class and a flexible and extremely delicate tip that senses even a slight change in the bottom with good operability.

The long length setting of 7’1 makes it easy to throw away the light weight rig, and the extremely delicate tip enables the light weight rig to be manipulated delicately at the angler’s intention. It senses extremely clearly the bite and the bite that sucks with the bite, and hooks up firmly to the hard upper jaw.

Considering “longing cast hooking performance” which can be said to be the weak point of “bait finesse” which has become popular in recent years, the presence of finesse game by the power long spinning rod + PE line system is indispensable. The navigator is not only limited to the cover game by PE line + finess rig, “I will fly the lightweight rig further!” “Be sure to hook up the bite in the distance!” The concept is a high-level spinning game that is indispensable for land use.

The Butt section uses Fuji Industrial T-YSG Guide, and a T-KTSG Guide is arranged from belly to tip. Under various situations encountered in the actual field, by using a unique guide setting derived by repeating the cast several times, using fluorocarbon lines of 5 to 6 Lb. as well as fluorocarbon lines of up to 4 Lb. Even the line achieves smooth release without hitting the blank. It is a stress-free and long-casting guide setting that reduces thread entanglement to the guide even when using ultra-thin PE lines without stiffness.

Navigator is a rod that invites the angler to a new level of spinning game by Power Long Spinning Rod + PE Line.