Length: 6’4 ”

Power (Action): UltraLite Plus

Taper: Fast Taper

Lure Wt .: 1 / 64-3 / 16 oz.

Line: 3-5 lb.

Price: 46,000 yen (w / o TAX)

GLADIATOR original series · Spinning shaft third step “Snapback”.

Snapback adapts to all kinds of light rigs, such as small rubber jigs, cat rigs, jig head Wacky rigs, down shot Wacky rigs, no sinker rigs of bug-based floating worms, etc., which are indispensable in recent bath fishing.
And not only soft bait fishing but also hard plugs such as small shads and minnows of 5g class and top water plugs etc., it will be a more enthusiastic ally with no shore fishing angler.

We cope with various techniques required for shore fishing such as one point shake at the bottom, middle level swimming, hang & off, jerk to twisting, and back hand cast, etc. in high dimension.
Among the spinning models of GLADIATOR, the shortest length of 6 feet and 4 inches is set, so it has 3 ranks up of “Casterability”, “Unambiguous” Accuracy Cast “to Pin Spot,” Operability “. Demonstrate its performance.

Able to read various light rigs with a single rod and minimize the number of rods in a field or field or fish situation that can not be read for the first time, and to minimize the number of rods … It is a swing of

Applications: Cat rig, jig head wackie rig, jig head rig, no sinker rig, down shot rig, small rubber jig, bug type no sinker, small plug less than 5 g (Shad, minnow, top) etc.