Length: 6’10 ”

Power (Action): Medium Plus

Taper: Fast

Lure Wt .: 1/4-3/4 oz.

Line: 8-18 lb

Price: 44,000 yen (w / o TAX)

RAID JAPAN is releasing, and the second hard rod special rod “Skywalker” in medium class in shore fishing is finally debuted.

The G-610 M + C “Skywalker”, which was developed simultaneously with the G-611MC “Transporter”, which has been released first, has a special “Medium Plus” flavor with shaft power one rank higher than that of a normal medium action rod. I set the rod action.

Kodawari of shore fishing group, RAID JAPAN set in consideration of total balance such as reel sheet type, grip length so that it can be handled with the same feeling without feeling discomfort when it is changed from “Transporter” Hard bait special given. As in the name of “Skywalker”, the sky is cut to carry the lure to a point far away, and the high precision cast in the short and range casts is endless, and the shaft design with no blur has a cast precision that is the fruit of the cast. Brings significant advantages in fishing on the shores of

The “Skywalker” adopts the first taper, whereas “Transporter”, which has been released first, excels in “hard baiting” centered on the crank bait in the medium first taper “loading condition” action. Expand the more aggressive “multiplying hard baiting”. It is possible to retrieve from the 3/8 oz. Class wire bait commonly used in fishing at the shaft to a 1/2 oz. Class wire bait with strong winding resistance without losing the shaft, and with a long cast point Even for a sudden part-time job, a very powerful belly section instantly brings it into a hookup.

The tip-to-berry section, designed with exquisite hardness, makes it easy to hang-off the weed and brings excellent jerk bait action.

Super-aggressive hard baiting rods that have completely contradictory properties to Transporter, the same hard baiting medium action rod, and perform “hard baiting for installation” centering on wire bait and jerk bait “Skywalker” is finally awakening.