Length: 6 ‘5 ”

Power (Action): Medium Light

Taper: Fast Taper

Lure Wt .: 3 / 16-5 / 8 oz.

Line: 8-16 lb.

Price: 44,000 yen (w / o TAX)

GLADIATOR series, the third bullet for hard plugging rod is “Black Sparrow (Black Sparrow)”.

The length of 6 feet 5 inches that is a bit short as a fishing rod, with a focus on casting accuracy and operability, is the answer to RAID JAPAN that has reached the end of repeated testing.
In small-scale ponds and creeks that do not require a long cast, short-length, blur-free sharp blanks are a big advantage. Like precision instruments, the casting accuracy of lure presentation to the target spot without any deviations greatly affects fishing results.
The rear grip length is set to an exquisite length with no discomfort, whether single handed or double handed. You can enjoy extremely high accuracy and good plugging, even in the remnant zone that continues like the Big Flat Lake in Kanto, the lip wrap zone such as rivers, and the shallow flat of the pond.
In addition, regarding the hooking error caused by the inability to take a stroke, which is also the weak point of the short plugging rod, the belly-butt section, which boasts the largest power of the ML class, does its job firmly, and the hooking performance is enhanced. . The Black Sparrow is an amazing shaft that has “A good ride” and “Power to hang” in the short blanks of 6 feet 5 inches.
It is compatible with 1/4 to 3/8 oz. Class crank baits, jerk baits, shad plugs, wire baits, mini scone rigs, and top water plugs that require delicate operation, which are frequently used in shore fishing.

The definitive version of high speed light plugging, it is a black sparrow.