Length: 7’11 “(grip detachment)

Power (Action): Medium Heavy

Taper: Fast Taper

Lure Wt .: 1 / 4-1 oz.

Line: 10-20 lb.

Price: 46,500 yen (w / o TAX)

The trial and error repeated from the beginning of the GLADIATOR series development, and the right arm “Slugger (Slugger)” of Takashi Kanamori has finally been completed after two or more years.

Focusing on the effectiveness of the long rod in shore fishing quickly, it is condensed into 7-foot 11-inch blanks that Kanamori Takashi who understands it than anyone seeks.

Slugger blanks, which consist of soft tips that can sense subtle changes, essential berry, and strong bats that can not be defeated by any prey, are inexhaustible that they bleed out as they bend With the power, extending the range to a point far away where no one could ever present the lure. It is possible to drag fish that lurk in areas that have not been reached before.

In addition, for the weight felt near the bat, which was apt to be found in this kind of long rod, it is thoroughly eliminated by the unique guide setting and the optimization of the grip balance. Even at the time of vertical separation, which can be said to be the neck of a long rod, it achieves light operability that could not be achieved with conventional long rods. Moreover, the time lag at the time of hooking peculiar to a long rod is also eliminated and the hookup rate is raised.

As such, Slugger has a long shaft that does not bring any stress or disadvantage to the angler.

Slugger uses the detachable front grip inner joint method, the first in the GLADIATOR series. The synergetic effect with the shortening of the front grip enhances the direct feeling during operation and obtains more rigidity.

Light Texas rigs with a total weight of around 10 to 15g, rubber jigs, high density worms, etc. are the best match, but depending on the workmanship of the angler, it can be used for multiples.

It is a rod that bears the core of the GLADIATOR series (the fourth hitter) without being ashamed of the name of the slugger.