Length: 6’4 ”

Power (Action): Heavy

Taper: Medium Fast

Lure Wt .: 3 / 8-2 oz.

Line: 14-24 lb. (& Braided)

Price: 46,000 yen (w / o TAX)

Short-length high-power rod “Bison” sought by the times.

Even in the fishing of Big Bait & Big Plug, which has already been established, monsters can not be easily brought into the part-time without accuracy and sensitivity. Bison is a next-generation big bait rod developed as a rod to approach and manipulate the big bait accurately.
When using these big lures at close range & small places, it is not necessary to be long & heavy, most importantly short and torqueful rods for technically treating big lures.
In order to give the seemingly contradictory performance of torque full though it is short, the entire blank is composited with glass material, eliminating the disadvantage of the short rod.

Assists sufficient bending at the time of casting, enabling cast that disperses the power throughout the rod without feeling the dullness and weight that are common to glass composite blanks. An accurate and soft presentation has been made possible to the targeted pin spot.
It has the versatility to also cover a small game of the frog game if it is used together with the big crawler bait and big noisy such as 2D .. and the big crawler bait such as DODGE, etc. and the PE line.

With Bison, you should be able to enjoy the pleasure of throwing, operating and hanging as you think of a large lure.