Length: 6’3″

Power(Action): Ultra Light

Taper: Solid Tip

Lure Wt.: 1/32-3/16oz.

Line: 3-5lb.

Price: 56,000yen(w/o TAX)

The second stage of the GLADIATOR Technix spinning model-Operator (Operator).

The extremely natural feeling as if you feel even extending your hand sensitively senses the shape of the bottom and changes in the water or changes in the water such as geology and presence of current, and subtle changes that occur in the operating rig It tells you exactly to the angler.

Compared to -Negotiator 61-, which is a trump card like a hammer, -Operator supports a wider range of rigs, and from a general rig that combines a mass burr (no sinker rig, down shot rig, cat rig, etc.), jig head wackie rig, 3 Follow all the frequently used light rigs, such as small rubber jigs from / 64 to 1/16 oz. You can operate it at the angler’s will.

In addition, sharp blanks without blur are compatible with high-speed finesse searching for shallow areas at fast tempo. It is also useful as one in a field where fishing is mainly done by short-distance fishing.

GRADIATOR Technix spinning model common GRIP shape, high elasticity solid tip corresponding to all grips, and also inherit the original guide setting.

Finesse rod-Operator-going to the cutting edge of Okappari

Even if you don’t talk a lot, if you’re an angler who is good at finesse fishing, you’ll only know what it means by touching.