Length: 6’7″ 

Power(Action): Medium Light Plus

Taper: Solid Tip

Lure Wt.: 1/16-1/2oz.

Line: 6-14lb.

Price: 55,000yen(w/o TAX)

The “GLADIATOR Technix” series-Bounty Killer-(Bounty Killer) has been developed simultaneously with-Light Feelips-.

We set high elasticity solid tip with power of different dimension among rods that adopted world’s solid tip, and the bat part is equipped with power comparable to rod of MH class. Unlike an unnatural tapered rod whose tip is simply soft and the bat is hard but the bat is hard, the natural bend carving, which does not even know the joints, exerts its original power (torque) gradually with each load, You can catch the big bus you took at the cover without giving the initiative.

And it should be noted that the height of the corresponding ability. From the beginning of development, the codename “Powerbait finesse” has been promoted with the development, but it can handle not only the bait finesse fishing but also the hard bait of 10g over. Will further expand the possibilities of

Assuming that it is the Light Feelips that fill the “spacing” between spinning tackle fine fishing and the slick fishing “bait tackle”, Power Bait Finess (Bounty Killer) fill the “slight gap” between the bait finess and the bait. .

The fishing rod RAID JAPAN including Kanamori Takashi who won the title of “Rikuo” with one rod is the rod of Next STAGE newly thrown to the modern bass fishing world, that is-Bounty Killer-.

※ Bounty Killer (Bounty Killer) = The meaning of the person who gets the head of Bounty Hunter (bounty hunter).