Length: 6’11 ”

Power (Action): Torqueful Heavy

Taper: Regular Taper

Lure Wt .: 1 / 4-2 oz.

Line: 14-24lb

Price: 46,000 yen (w / o TAX)

The most distinctive torque full heavy rod “Barricade (barricade)” in the GLADIATOR series.

The overwhelming torque generated from medium-elastic thick-rolled blanks will be a perfect barricade for even the tough monsters who have overcome various hardships.

Barricade’s torque full-heavy, regular-tapered blanks exert their hidden power as they bend. First of all, it can be said that it is a FROG game that you can experience it. It is possible to fight without losing power against the black fish fished in water plants such as hissimo, which are crowded in summer no ponds and flat lakes. Even if it becomes alga Daruma, it exerts a violent potential to drag without changing.

When used in the Frog game, combined with the PE line (about 50 lb.) is recommended to improve the hooking rate and secure landing. By adopting T-KWSG as the main guide, you can reduce line problems when using PE lines and deploy a stress-free frog game.

In addition, the uncommon torque of the barricade can be fully felt even when using a 1 oz. Sinker, a 2 oz. Lip with a big bait with a lip, and a swim bait.

In the GLADIATOR series, there is no resemblance to the same heavy rod as the G-71 HC bush hunter. In the face of the barricade, it is impossible to escape even the cunning monsters.