Length: 7’1 ”

Power (Action): Medium Heavy

Taper: Medium Fast

Lure Wt .: 3 / 8-2 oz.

Line: 10-24lb

Price: 45,000 yen (w / o TAX)

A power long rod that symbolizes the GLADIATOR series, which is indispensable in all fields such as no ponds, rivers, reservoirs and natural lakes. Takashi Kanamori always has a set of covers for 16 to 20 Lb. lines and 2 sets of different line pounds, for 12 to 14 Lb. for open water.

Exquisite length setting of 7’1 “that can handle major casts (long cast) and small tricks (pitching and skipping) and original power setting that is not too hard or too soft between MH and H, it is a modern land It is a specification that is essential for big bus hunting only in one body.In addition to the sense of stiffness, torque and toughness from berry to bat that can not be indispensable to big bus hunting, it also has a flexible and light tip section. Is not just a light rod, but a total balance of the entire rod, a medium to heavy grade versatile rod that supports a wide range of lure rigs from 2oz. Big Bait to Light Texas, high density worm no sinker rig.

The rear grip end shape is a shape that has been carefully cut out while being cast-tested by Takashi Kanamori. It is a unique design that can be used with any gripping force at full swing.
Based on the concept of “hanging at the wrist and pulling at the elbow”, the superb upper belly of the big bus that has been long cast to bite, and the striking belly-butt power that penetrates even the thick shaft hook is achieved. It’s a gladiator with an impotent power inside that it’s just like bringing it to the landing soon after giving the Big Bus the lead.

We have introduced Raid Japan’s original guide settings that combine “sensitive operability,” “toughness in the cover game,” and “a sense of trust in the big bait game”. (Fuji industrial titanium frame SiC ring guide is adopted)

Length: 7’1″

Power(Action): Medium Heavy

Taper: Medium Fast

Lure Wt.: 3/8-2oz.

Line: 10-24lb 

Price: 45,000yen(w/o TAX)