Length: 6’9 ”

Power (Action): Medium

Taper: Solid Glass Tip

Lure Wt .: 1 / 4-1 oz.

Line: 8-20 lb.

Price: 46,500 yen (w / o TAX)

“Attractor” which adopted the glass material which becomes the GLADIATOR series first.
What I asked the Attractor is the ability to follow up a sudden bite when I don’t know when and when it was cranking.
Generally, glass materials are used, but Attractor is not so-called composite glass, but blanks are constructed with solid glass tips with glass material only at the tip.
The tip section to find good suction, solid glass that follows and entangles with a low modulus of elasticity. Berry to bat carbon (tubular) is required for sensitivity and power. By using materials that match the role in the right place, Tsujiya has created an evolutionary plugging rod that recaptures the disadvantages of glass and carbon.

■ Benefits by solid glass tip & carbon (tubular)
• Convert to a deep bite without a flexible tip playing for a short bite at tough conditions or at fast winding, and put it quickly with belly that powers up steplessly.・ ・ ・ “Newly put on” new sense.
• Eliminates the lack of sensitivity and rough feeling that are common to glass rods. The movement of the lure in water is transmitted to the angler more clearly.
• The movement of the lure itself and the vibration of the rod link beautifully and draw out the lure’s original action.
• It is possible to reach the target point without shaking the shaft, even at “long throw” which can not be cut with Okappari.
• A smooth bend curve from tip to berry supports cast accuracy, which can be said to be an essential part of cranking. Send the lure to the intended pin.
• The slight “weight” of the solid glass tip makes casting the light plug easy.

Captivate, attract, bite, and entangle your prey with captivating action. “Attractor” is an aggressive glass rod that combines sensitivity and goodness in high dimensions.